Don’t accept the “pie” that you can get a free gift by scanning

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Last week, our newspaper reported the new brush single fraud cases, a netizen left a message: a kindergarten in Fuyang good DORA into the group, all are brush single scam.Reporters to the police to verify that similar cases last year.Have you ever been tempted to use free gifts to lure parents into the group?At the gate of the kindergarten, someone lured parents into the group with small gifts. The net friend is a young treasure mother, who has a baby in kindergarten at home.Recently, when she picked up her baby from school, she always met someone at the gate of the kindergarten with a small gift and a wechat QR code. As long as you scan and add friends, you can get a free gift.Bao Ma herself did not like to participate in such activities, but after several times, she could not bear the pleas of the children and finally scanned the code.That evening, she was added to a wechat group of about 100 people.Some people in the group are constantly Posting “tasks”, such as “XX e-commerce”, after paying attention to the screenshots posted in the group, you can get 5.2 yuan red envelope.See the group of people drying red envelopes, treasure mother heart also tried, really give her “uprooted” to dozens of dollars.After a few days, the tasks in the group changed, and the other party offered to download a link to an App called “microtasks,” which offered 10 yuan for logging in and adding it as a friend.Quite a few people in the group posted screenshots of completing the mission.Before long, the “single member” in the group sent tasks: “grab 100 yuan, principal plus commission 130 yuan, extra bonus 8.8 yuan” “grab 500 yuan, principal plus commission 600 yuan, extra bonus 58.8 yuan” “consecutive completion of eight orders 18.8 yuan reward”…Such a high commission, group open “crazy” sun single mode.In fact, these sun sheet, is likely to be the group of “support” or robot, is to create an atmosphere, guide people to follow the trend of brush single.Fortunately, treasure mother sober, she had received 96110 call against fraud, roughly know the brush single fraud routine, so leave a mind, save the screenshots on the back of the group.Fraudsters send gifts to confuse the masses, similar cases have occurred a number of reporters consulted the public security Fuyang branch anti-fraud center police, confirm that this is a typical brush single fraud mode.”Lure children with small gifts and let parents add wechat, which is the first step of fraud – drainage.”Police said.Last July and August, similar cases occurred in Fuyang.At that time, some people invited people to join the wechat group by sending gifts at the gate of Dongfang MAO.After entering the group, the same beginning with the completion of “small tasks” to hand out red envelopes, confused the masses.After the masses taste the sweet, instead brush single way, wait until the investment of a certain amount of money, the money into the pocket of the cheater.Since this year, with the anti-fraud efforts to strengthen, in this way the drainage of the brush single fraud, Fuyang has no more victims.However, the recent period of time, through the circle of friends to release the news of free items, thus drainage to brush single group, really someone cheated.Recently, Mr. Yang (Hua surname) in Fuyang saw a message in moments that someone can scan the wechat TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to get free air fryer.With the mentality of trying, Mr. Yang added the other party’s wechat.At his partner’s invitation, Yang joined a wechat group called “JY Collection Center 3” and downloaded an App as required.In the name of the registrar, the other party asked Mr. Yang to forward the activity to the wechat group and take screenshots, and then register the receiving information after completion.Mr. Yang according to do, the other side really sent him a single express.”Generally two or three days can receive, remember to help us publicity.”The other said.Mr. Yang mistakenly thought the activity was real and effective, and his heart was a little excited.Soon, “Xiao Xue” in the group chat of “JY receiving Center 3” recommended other activities of the enterprise to him and earned his salary by clicking “likes”.Others in the group said they were involved and posted screenshots of their profits.After seeing this, Mr. Yang was moved and acted as required by the other party. He scanned the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code provided by “Xiao Xue”, downloaded the “SAY” App and received the task.After completing the first task and receiving 33 yuan in revenue, Yang was completely convinced of the authenticity of the “task”.Subsequently, the other party required Mr. Yang to complete the brushing task by transfer for various reasons, such as Mr. Yang’s operation error, need to receive the repair bill, open the online payment channel, reply credit points, and pay individual income tax. Finally, Mr. Yang was cheated of more than 500,000 yuan.Police reminded that in addition to wechat, telephone contact (to impersonate acquaintances, loan fraud and investment fraud), Douyin, QQ, websites (dating, recruitment, forum, etc.) and micro blog are commonly used by fraudsters to find and contact victims.In more than half of the cases, fraudsters guided the victims to download niche or homemade chat apps for further communication after drainage through wechat and telephone, with the main purpose of avoiding network supervision.Source: Fuyang Daily