Why say “poor Tsinghua rich Peking University, the university of Science and Technology of China”, now 3 big universities change not small

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Everyone has a tsinghua dream in mind, all the literati are looking forward to the Campus of Peking University, those who like to study more yearn for cas.At top universities, students can not only gain a superior academic degree, but also have a bright future.Getting admitted to a top university is not only the students’ own efforts, but also the family’s hard work. If a child goes to a top university to study, his life will be almost smooth.And in the future work, I will give full play to my knowledge and make more contributions to the society.Why say “poor Tsinghua rich Peking University, not fatal university of Science and Technology”, now 3 big universities change not small in the last century 80’s, has been circulating poor Tsinghua rich Peking University, not fatal University of science and Technology.Why is there such a spread?First of all, at that time, Tsinghua University did not put more energy and financial resources into construction, so there were not many buildings in Tsinghua University, there were a lot of empty space.Tsinghua had been trying to recruit more top students, including many from poor rural areas.After these poor students get learning opportunities, they are also very excellent and become the pillars of the society.When Peking University was in operation, many rich children preferred Peking University, which not only has more beautiful scenery, but also has comfortable study environment and living environment.Ustc why not?Because university of Science and Technology nearby there are more funeral sites, a lot of people joke university of Science and Technology students die.In addition, the university of Science and Technology students are also very able to bear hardships, in the learning process, fully carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, they never tired, often study all night, in the process of studying academic, often reached the state of ecstasy.What are the changes in the current situation of the three schools?In the process of running tsinghua University, new teaching buildings and dormitories were built on the former vacant lot, and many freshmen have lived in brand-new dormitories. Now Tsinghua University has become a very advanced university with complete facilities. The once poor Tsinghua University has changed into a rich Tsinghua university.On the opposite side of Tsinghua University is Peking University. Because Peking University does not have too much space, many dormitory buildings have experienced many years of ups and downs, and now it seems to be relatively old.There has been no major renovation, so now Peking University does not look rich, as opposed to Tsinghua.At present, poor Tsinghua university has become poor Peking University. Some of the dormitory buildings of Peking University are old and some soft students can not adapt to them, and they have made fun of the outdated dormitory environment.There seems to be no change in THE University of Science and Technology of China. Students in the university of Science and Technology of China still maintain the excellent quality of their predecessors. Almost all of them walk in the campus in a hurry with thick myopia goggles and thick schoolbags on their backs.The students of THE University of Science and Technology are still very hard-working. There are often students who study all night in the library, and they have stronger perseverance in research.Compared with USTC, uSTC students are more literary, they are elegant and humorous, ordinary literati.In fact, the environment of the top universities is first-class and the dormitories are more comfortable, but in order to make the students have a more comfortable environment, the campus has been trying to create a better life for the majority of students.However, it is inevitable that there will be some students who are more picky about the environment. They live in a very comfortable and luxurious environment when they were young, and suddenly come to a simple environment, and it is difficult to adapt to the collective life.But collective life is the first step towards the society of students, first of all, students should correctly face dormitory life, there are different characters of students here, you can let yourself learn to get along with people, learn to humble others, care for others.In the ordinary living environment, can not complain, to actively cooperate with the work of the school, keep a good schedule, if the roommate students like quiet, then they should be quiet, not loud.Strict requirements on their own, keep clean and clean, jointly maintain the clean environment of the dormitory, can let everyone better life.Perhaps, the students who can be admitted to the top universities do not care too much about the campus environment, they just pay more attention to their study. In order to make these excellent students have a more comfortable living environment, the university has been working hard to ensure that the students can study more smoothly.The society will pay more attention to outstanding students. The running environment of ordinary colleges and universities is only paid attention by a few people, which is why we always study hard. If we are more outstanding, our life will be more smooth.Do you think the school environment is very important?