Pension “big adjustment”, these 3 categories of people will be substantially increased, hopefully have you

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Pension “big adjustment”, these 3 kinds of people will rise substantially, hope to have you 1. Salary base is big, pay cycle is long retiree at present, pension is carried out according to the policy of “pay more and get more”, the pension that gets after retirement will also increase somewhat.Retirees also get more benefits, which is actually quite true, when you’re younger, you have a higher contribution base and a longer contribution period, so you should get more when you retire.China’s social security system has not been implemented for a long time.Some older retirees had no pension plan when they were young, so have few personal accounts.To accommodate these two special groups, the state prioritizes the corresponding upward trend.3. Retirees in remote areas with poor working conditions have a relatively small endowment insurance base. In order to narrow the huge pension gap, they will be taken care of when adjusting the pension, so more attention will be paid to these people.