There is a new standard, the car does not violate the rules will be deducted 12 points, have a car friends please pay attention

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There are more and more car owners in China. With the increase of car types, consumers have more and more choices. Not only are there joint-venture brand cars, but also domestic brand cars are more and more in the forefront of The Times, with high enough configuration and more and more mature technology.In particular, China vigorously promotes the new energy vehicles, making China’s new energy vehicles walk in the forefront of the world.Today, the number of both private cars and trucks has also begun to grow in a straight line. From 2019 to 2021, the number of cars has reached nearly 400 million.This reflects the improvement of the living standard of our people.Cars enter thousands of families, changing people’s way of life and making people travel more convenient. At the same time, due to the increase in the number of cars, the data of car violation starts to become larger.This phenomenon is quite obvious, and the number of people who go to the traffic control office to deal with violations is also increasing.In some cities, queuing up to deal with violations is also more common.Running a red light, speeding, drunk driving, driving without a license and other daily violations are more serious.These serious violations are also the main cause of traffic accidents, so the country also carries out relatively severe punishment for these serious violations, which is also for the sake of the majority of car owners’ body safety, while reducing the rate of traffic accidents.In addition to these serious violations, in fact, there are some casual violations will be deducted 12 points of punishment, many owners do not know.If you have a car, please note that there is a new standard, which will deduct 12 points even if the car does not violate the rules.Nowadays, with the rapid development of e-commerce, the development of freight is better, and China’s transportation infrastructure has been greatly improved, so that the number of people in the truck industry is more and more, which also makes the truck transportation industry competition is more intense.For this reason, many truck drivers also drive continuously and only rest for four or five hours a day, which is also very hard and dangerous.Fatigue driving has become the main reason for many truck traffic accidents, the harm caused by fatigue driving is also very much, such examples are everywhere throughout the country, so that the traffic management department began to take strict investigation of fatigue driving.Fatigue driving on the high speed is a dangerous thing, especially because of the heavy weight of the truck, it may only be a few seconds of trance time, there is a possibility of accidents, in the transportation industry, fatigue driving is the biggest safety hazard.Our country started in 2019 in the domestic big truck load monitoring equipment, monitoring the truck is in accordance with the provisions, rest, time to drive for four hours or stop to rest no more than 20 minutes, once the big truck drivers in this case, since the launch of equipment will, radar display also there will be a warning that, over time fatigue driving record will be sent to the relevant system,If a truck driver has this record, he or she will be deducted 12 points, which is the biggest danger for truck drivers.Although private cars are not monitored by equipment, they will still be deducted 6 points if detected by traffic police according to the regulations. However, this situation is difficult to be investigated and dealt with, so private car owners are less likely to encounter this situation.But be sure to avoid tired driving.Fatigue driving is irresponsible for the safety of oneself and others.In foreign countries, the fatigue driving monitoring system has already appeared, which can recognize the owner’s face, eyes, head and other movement characteristics, and judge whether the owner appears fatigue driving. In order to prevent fatigue driving, a variety of rules have been issued in foreign countries.Especially in Japan, continuous driving time is allowed more than half an hour, but the previous night must go to bed before midnight to ensure sufficient sleep, so that Japanese truck drivers have enough rest.Strict inspection of tired driving, but also for the sake of everyone’s safety, whether private cars or truck drivers, for the harm of tired driving should be more understanding, and there are many live cases in front of us, but also to the owners of friends to remind.When going out, safe driving should always be placed in the first place. Do you have any good suggestions and ideas on this topic?Welcome to leave a comment!