Luo Xianrui, vice mayor of the city, inspects and guides the work of preventing rain and snow

2022-08-05 0 By

On January 29, 2022, Luo Xianrui, deputy mayor, Secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, visited Longsheng County and the highway Detachment of the Traffic Police Corps to inspect and guide the anti-rain and snow work, and visited the majority of public security police officers fighting on the front line.In the morning, Luo xianrui inspected the duty card point of Pai Fang in Sishui Township, the Guisan high-speed material storage warehouse and the video surveillance center, and inspected the traffic safety, epidemic prevention and control and the cooperation between road police and enterprises during the Spring Festival travel rush by on-site inspection and reporting.Every place, Luo Xianrui to stick to the police auxiliary police on the job expressed sympathy, on behalf of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Party Committee to their stick to the post, loyal performance of duty, hard work to express heartfelt thanks, and wish the majority of police happy Spring Festival!Luo Xianrui said that the Spring Festival has always been the peak traffic flow, anti-rain and snow work related to the safety and vital interests of the masses of people, the city’s public security organs must put the safety of people’s lives and property in the first place, strictly grasp the implementation of the prevention and response measures.Afternoon, Luo Xian to the traffic police corps highway team a group, as the duty police sent to caffeine arts, also visited the party room, illegal processing hall, sub control command center and other places, and listen to the high work and a great travel ShuDu chang bao “charged with reducing large work report,” in the team to ensure the safety of the zhuhai highway unblocked work efforts highly,And encourage a high branch of the brigade to continue to maintain a good work style, further increase the density of road law enforcement, improve the efficiency of law enforcement work, to do a good job in the Spring Festival road traffic safety management.City public security Bureau party committee member, deputy director Xie Jian, city public security Bureau Party committee member, political department director Wei Xing, traffic police detachment and city public security Bureau related department leaders, as well as longsheng County Party committee government related leaders, guangxi three high-speed person in charge to participate in the activity.