In the World episode 7: Qiao Chunyan falls in love with Cao Debao

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Zheng mother worried thief zheng Juan adverse, Zheng Juan but think he is a big belly grasshopper, no one interested.Cao Debao left to accompany Zhou Bingkun to sleep, but in the middle of the night but drill the bed qiao Chunyan, Qiao Chunyan cried to Find Zhou Bingkun, blame Zhou Bingkun cao Debao should not live.Zhou Bingkun looked at his thin clothes and quickly got a dress to put on.Qiao Chunyan blame Zhou Bingkun dont like her but found someone else to harm her.Just at this time zhou mother came back, zhou mother saw Qiao Chunyan cry more than thought two people became good, go in to persuade Qiao Chunyan, want to promote two people’s good, did not expect to finally learned that cao Debao gave Qiao Chunyan broke.This let zhou mother angry, blame Zhou Bingkun will not work, also can’t explain and Joe aunt.Zhou mother persuaded Qiao Chunyan, also expressed his love for Qiao Chunyan, just think That Qiao Chunyan sleep without inserting the door is also a mistake, suggested that she and Zhou Bingkun Qiao Chunyan marriage can not continue.Zhou mother think Cao Debao is also good, should give Qiao Chunyan a statement, she is also willing to go and Cao Debao say let two people do husband and wife, Qiao Chunyan immediately said can.Zhou Bingkun offered to talk to Cao Debao, zhou mother immediately urged to go out, and Qiao Chunyan is also full of spring.Zhou Bingkun found six gentlemen together to xingshi for questioning, let Cao Debao to explain, Cao Debao did not want to marry Qiao Chunyan, he just wanted to find a woman in trouble.In the past, Cao Debao knew a family of six children. He liked the little girl best. She wore a white dress and stood on the balcony playing the violin every day.When the family was knocked out and moved out, they moved into this house, where there was one family, now there are eight.Brothers National Day to persuade Cao Debao, do not abandon Qiao Chunyan, as if he found a girlfriend called Wu Qian, we also know and feel very good.But Wu Qian always shave every day, people have no perfect.Cao Debao heard this also faithfully expressed their own meaning, claimed to see Qiao Chunyan for the first time indeed heartbeat, but he began to think qiao Chunyan is Zhou Bingkun’s girlfriend, friend wife can not be bullied.Later, he found that Qiao chunyan was also interested in him and thought that Qiao could not be the kind of person who has his foot in both camps.Later cao Debao said that he had drunk too much, and he did not know how he got into the bed.Zhou mother to Joe aunt home to make clear the situation, angry Joe uncle scolded daughter-in-law, blame them should not do such a thing, finally hurt The innocence of Qiao Chunyan.Aunt Joe blamed all her anger on zhou mother.Just when the family was too busy, Qiao Chunyan came back, Qiao Chunyan told her parents zhou mother will always be her godmother.Qiao Chunyan then expressed her true meaning, she felt like Zhou Bingkun at the beginning, and later found that zhou Bingkun is like, and cao Debao is love.Wu Qian in chaoyang hotel work, six gentlemen and Qiao Chunyan came to the hotel to eat, the hotel sister instead of Wu Qian did all the work, is to let the young people sit together, especially that Wu Qian and the National Day will get married more two people happy.Qiao Chunyan has been staring at Wu Qian, but also suddenly asked whether Wu Qian shave every day?And put forward to wu Qian recommended a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Qiao Chunyan said many foreigners have this problem, are cured by the master, but also to wu Qian cure the disease.Qiao Chunyan stood up and declassified, claiming that everyone is the elder brothers, the said all said, can help all help later.Everyone cheers to Qiao Chunyan’s words.Someone in the restaurant shouted at Qiao Chunyan for being too noisy, and the result was that six gentlemen stood up to fight, and the other party was scared to say no more.In the evening, Zhou Bingkun to send money to Zheng Juan, Zheng mother invited Zhou Bingkun to sit in the room, But Zhou Bingkun refused.Zhou Bingkun asked Zheng Juan, that is about to produce, Zhou Bingkun told Zheng mother if there is something to find him in time, Zheng mother moved to tears.Zhou Bingkun just went home, zhou mother can’t wait to take out a thick letter to Let Zhou Bingkun read, this is zhou Zhigang wrote the letter, told about his process to find Zhou Rong.Zhou Zhi gang to ask about Zhou Rong along the way, just asked a cattle children, he is Zhou Rong’s students.Under the guidance of the little shepherd boy found Zhou Rong, Zhou Rong saw his father at the moment gourd gourd fell to the ground, tears streaming down, knees on the ground gently called a father.Zhou Zhigang tears could not help falling down, he did not expect to see after many years will be this situation to meet.Zhou rong shows Zhou Bingkun around their classroom, which is not so much a classroom as a temporary structure.Zhou Zhigang deliberately said the dog was hungry, let Zhou Rong to find something to eat, Zhou Rong took Zhou Zhigang to see where they sleep, that is the newly paved kang mat, and heat.Zhou Rong tells her father that it is not easy to sleep on the heated kang here. You can see that Zhou Rong is proud of this matter.Zhou Zhigang let Zhou Rong swear, her dream to do sorry home again?Zhou Rong exulted, that father is to her and Feng Huacheng things let bygones be bygones.Zhou Zhigang said everything to see Feng Huacheng again, Zhou Rong for fear that Zhou Zhigang will let her and Feng Huacheng divorce, also showed that the attitude will not divorce, but also because Of Feng Huacheng and home, let her father when she jumped out of the stone.Zhou Zhigang very angry temper, Zhou Rong helpless sad cry, but because of crying caused stomach pain, Zhou Zhigang hurried to coax Zhou Rong, beg baby daughter dont cry.Zhou Rong holding his father was crying when Feng Huacheng came back with flowers, he was not surprised to see Zhou Zhigang, perhaps in the truck when he guessed the identity of Zhou Zhigang, so after help disappeared.Zhou Zhigang also saw that Feng Huacheng is the enthusiastic help of the glasses.Feng Huacheng apologized without permission and Zhou Rong married, saw Feng Huacheng, Zhou Zhigang was not so opposed.Zhou Rong around Zhou Zhigang, told about her situation here, here to the children in class, she felt a sense of accomplishment, here the villagers have delicious also always sent over, from the heart of respect for her.Zhou Rong also hopes to launch villagers, girls will also be sent to study.Zhou rong thinks she was very wayward when she left, but over the years she felt it was worth it and she lived a solid life here.