Folk tale: hunter night out, his wife followed peeking, the next day carved a turtle in the rafters

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My name is Xie Bihua, an ordinary woman. My husband Zhou Wuhou is a hunter. We have been married for two years.Recently, I found zhou Wuhou often go out in the middle of the night, I asked for many times after no fruit, in a night with his behind peeking, after home, I carved a turtle on the beam, Zhou Wuhou the next day was violently ill and died, this is how to return a responsibility.It all started three years ago. At the age of fifteen, I was as beautiful as a flower. I was courted by all the local men, and Zhou Wuhou was one of them.At that time I was young and energetic, do not put nothing zhou Wuhou in the eyes, until one day, I went out to play when the mountain bandits, was zhou Wuhou sacrificed his life to save.From then on, I planted my love for Zhou Wuhou in my heart. I missed him more and more, became more and more obsessed with him, and finally married him two years later despite my parents’ opposition.In the first year of our marriage, Zhou Wuhou behaved very well. Although he was a little straight, he could take good care of me with his best efforts. I often imagined that such a day would last forever.However, what happened next soon shattered my illusion. As time went by, my stomach remained motionless, and zhou Fu’s attitude towards me changed 180 degrees.He began to boss me around. He would no longer prepare meals, wash clothes and wash clothes for me. He often lost his temper with me on the pretext of some trifles, which lasted for half a year.A year later, I returned home with Zhou Wuhou, father will Zhou Wuhou lambasted, let him be good to me.Zhou Wuhou nodded and agreed to come down, from then on, he converged a lot.However, I found that my body was getting worse and worse, and no matter how carefully Zhou Wuhou took care of it, it was of no avail. At the same time, Zhou Wuhou also had a very abnormal behavior.Every night, Zhou Wuhou would wait for me to fall asleep, and then in the middle of the night to open the door. When I came back, the whole person seemed very excited, and there was a faint aroma on me.At the beginning, I thought it was Zhou Wuhou could not bear loneliness, secretly remind him, not too licentious, Zhou Wuhou promised on the surface, every night or will go out on time.I could not help but the curiosity of the heart, he asked Zhou Wuhou exactly what to do, Zhou Wuhou every time around it, asked a few times, I still could not get the answer, decided to explore their own.One night I went to bed early and crept out of the house, thinking I was asleep. I got up and followed him, ready to see what he was doing.Zhou Wuhou out of the house all the way after the dash, soon into the back of a mountain in the woods, I quietly followed up, found zhou Wuhou standing in a bag before the motionless, not long, a yellow red eyes fox appeared in front of Zhou Wuhou.Zhou Wouhou saw the fox immediately knelt down, please fox to give him some grace, fox cold hum, asked zhou Wouhou when I gave it, Zhou Wouhou silent.Fox instantly changed face, it said, if it is not at the beginning it to mountain bandits abducted Xie Bihua, weeks ways how can embrace get beauty return, weeks after the ways of their marriage, it is will give their mana detachments to weeks ways, in order to let weeks ways darling Xie Bihua brought it for its mana, if it also see Xie Bihua tomorrow, don’t live ways that week.Zhou Wuhou nodded and agreed, and then a bitter face back, Zhou Wuhou disappeared, I came to the fox, with his father professor’s unique secret will be the fox played ashes, and then one step back to zhou Wuhou home.To the home, I think of zhou Wuhou’s doings, between the mood is difficult to calm, on the beam carved a turtle, ready to end the life of Zhou Wuhou.Zhou Wouhou home, I asked Zhou Wouhou can have what to tell me, Zhou Wouhou eyes flash a panic, want to say something but still did not open.I also did not ask more, prepare to zhou Wuhou do things.The next day early in the morning, Zhou Wuhou suddenly foaming at the mouth, convulsed all over, a wick incense after time became dying, I asked Zhou Wuhou, he will regret because of what he did, Zhou Wuhou nodded painfully and then died.I hate Zhou Wuhou, more hate bewitching him that monster, after burying Zhou Wuhou, I left here, do a demon demon of Yin and Yang division, from now on, the devil between heaven and earth less half, I also finally found the meaning of life.