Enjoy the pure land of the New Year

2022-08-05 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival has been the quietest and most unique of my life so far.This is not, a year ago due to the impact of the epidemic, I was isolated in the village, the village many men and women working outside, also blocked outside the village can not go back to the village, the village is usually not many people, this suddenly less and less.My village people playfully gave her a nickname “Taiwan Village”.Why is it called that?The reason is that our village is a forgotten corner.Because she is located in the deep mountains, narrow mountains, thin people, traffic inconvenience, so far with the network.Whether you have a smartphone or an older phone, there is no signal, and you can’t get any channels except for the limited number of TV channels that the micropot can pick up.Maybe god deliberately wanted to give me a piece of pure land, near the New Year’s Eve before a week, days and rare under 7 days of snow, and the accumulation of very thick, deep and calf snow is reluctant to disappear, still quietly lying in the mountains and fields, so it caused people do not linger guest day guest opportunity.From the village to the town, from the town to the outside, because of the various epidemic prevention and control stations have to take temperature, do registration, scan code and so on, it is very troublesome, and the road is blocked, so people do not go to the town, families stay in their homes, do not travel, the order is: no gathering during the epidemic.In this case, I’m finally free of modern electronics.Mobile phone also seems to get a moment of peace, lying quietly on the table fell asleep, no charge, no boot, not to mention I always go to look at it, especially with wechat this has brought me convenience, more bring me trouble software temporarily farewell.I don’t have to check wechat almost every time I have time in the city, like at work or after work, for fear of accidentally delaying work, so I have another terrible problem:Wechat phobia – like, I do not have to every night before going to bed always lovingly pick up the phone to open those worthless and tempting short videos, watching ah, unconsciously make me insomnia or lack of sleep, to my vision and body brought great harm.Here, I rarely have a piece of pure land of my own, I quietly opened the dust has been more than 30 years of classical works, carefully chewing the wonderful words and plots of each work……Share the same breath and fate with the characters in the works…At such an old age, sometimes even tears…I finally get rid of the cities of that kind of busy, lethargy, concentrate on making profits that constantly overdraw the health try very hard to make money only to get some money though his that day, suddenly felt like back in the 40 years ago, I studied the kind of life – in addition to two meals a day, I haven’t seen many people, almost every portal was closed, because it’s too cold,The only people were sitting around the fire, watching TV or sleeping.Looking up, the mountains and fields are covered with white, as if it is doing rendering for the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.There was a crunching sound at the feet…Too beautiful!Remember in the unit, my teacher once told me, his favorite snow on the snow issued that squeak squeak sound, the sound of beauty is simply suffocating!River suddenly flew two white cranes, I suddenly remembered Liu Zongyuan “qianshan bird fly off, thousands of path people trace out” scene, at this moment, in addition to no river, no fisherman, it is completely consistent with liu Zongyuan’s writing.New Year’s Eve, I do not have to take the family to the downtown blind and waste time, also do not have to keep the Spring Festival party that does not have much new things, silly in there to see actors mechanical performance of this is not good content.I light a firecracker or a set of fireworks, recapture the colorful dreamlike joy of childhood New Year’s Eve.New Year’s Eve dinner is not sumptuous, but also not shabby, not much not little just right, all green food of uniform color.I invited several neighbors to sit together. Due to their old age, their teeth had almost completely fallen out, and they could only eat soft dishes such as tofu without chewing.The wine was necessary, not bad home-brewed loose wine, but poured into a rusty copper pot, sprinkled with brown sugar, and warmed over the fire, the smell lured me, directed me, attracted me.Fortunately, our alcohol capacity is not very big, only to drink a few glasses of fun, the most important or want to use wine to recall our past years.Good, this year in this pure land on earth, very good!Quiet, clean, quiet.Everything gave me an original ecological state of mind, my heart and hometown snow as pure, I always think: such a day if can always accompany me through the rest of my life, that how good ah.There is not much pure land on earth, although it is said that Kanas is the pure land on earth, but kanas because of its famous beauty, more and more visitors in recent years.A local visitors once more, also, it is not the pure land, only my village, people gradually receding, in the near future, when all people of a strange city, she was completely a piece of pure land on earth, at that time if I can stay in this world, me and my companions of villages, it will be a matter of how comfortable!