Real estate prices are up 2.8%, what if it continues to rise in 2022?There are three serious consequences

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Blink of an eye 2022 has passed more than a month, the property market sales are still depressed.From the data of 2021, the national average house price actually increased by 2.8%, so many people are still optimistic about the property market in 2022, feeling that the house price will rise, but will the property market really rise?Second understand think not necessarily.From the current situation of the property market, still not optimistic, so many property market stimulus policies began to be introduced.For example, reduce the down payment, reform provident fund housing policy, reduce mortgage interest, and even limit the decline order, in order to ease the decline.From the housing market data of the Spring Festival, the housing price in the first, second and third-tier cities is indeed rising, and even the transaction volume in some first-tier cities soared 233.7% month-on-month. Obviously, the report of the falling housing market is biased. After all, the housing price in some cities is still rising, and some factors will still support the housing price.For example, the national reserve price of land rose by 25% on average. In addition, various costs, such as construction materials and developer costs, rose by 2.8% in 2021, reversing the decline of the national property market in 2021.Looking at this number, some people are starting to fear, so will prices continue to rise in 2022?That’s not something that can’t happen.If house prices rise in 2022, the following three results may be brought about: 1. The number of people speculating in the real estate market, speculation is the most important factor in the rise of house prices.However, in recent years, due to the regulation and control of various policies, many speculators began to leave the property market. If the housing price rises in the future, then the speculators may come back and enter the property market, and the housing price will face greater pressure.But if housing prices stabilize in the future and buying houses is no longer profitable, then speculators will not choose to enter the property market.In the real estate market, some people seem to buy at any time, and some people do not care about the rise and fall of the house price, and directly buy.For example, just need to get married young people, mother-in-law or girlfriend requirements must buy a house, in addition is the child to go to school, some schools delimit school, this time to buy a house is an inevitable choice.In the face of these circumstances, buying a house seems to be the inevitable choice for young people, but at the same time, they are facing stage of life pressure, and they have to bear huge economic pressure every month.For married people, in addition to mortgage, they also have to face various expenses such as children’s education. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, many people’s income is unstable, and more and more people dare not spend money, and their expenditure will gradually decrease.3. Population decline.Simply put, population decline.If the real estate market and housing price continue to rise in the future, the population will inevitably continue to decrease. However, the national population will only increase by 480,000 in 2021, which indicates that the demand for the real estate market will decrease in the future, the demographic dividend of the real estate market will gradually disappear, and even the population will grow negatively in the future. At this time, the real estate market will inevitably be affected.According to statistics, the high housing price will seriously affect the marriage rate and fertility willingness of young people, which in turn will affect the birth rate.Second understand believes that the future property market will continue to maintain stability, will not rise or fall, so that the bubble of the property market slowly burst, housing prices to the normal level.As for those who still want to get rich by buying a house, they will fall into a pit sooner or later.