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Wang Tienan, 2018 graduate of Elevator installation and Maintenance major, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Shenyang Information Engineering School, is currently working in Shenyang Branch of Kone Elevator Co., LTD., as an elevator maintenance worker.As a child growing up in the countryside, I delayed my study due to my naughty and rebellious behavior in junior high school. After failing in the high school entrance examination, I chose Shenyang Information Engineering School after many investigations, which also started the road of rebuilding my life.Since graduation, solid professional ability and capable performance in the workplace have enabled me to grow from a rookie apprentice to a company backbone in a short period of time.I grew up in the countryside, and my family’s livelihood only depended on a few acres of land.My parents told me every day to study hard and that going to college was the only way out.But when I was in junior high school, because of my rebellious and playful, my grades were not good, so my parents worried for me.As time went by, the middle school entrance examination came in a twinkling of an eye, and my grades were not enough to get into ordinary high school. I was helpless at that time, as if I had been abandoned by the world, but my parents did not give up on me and still looked forward to my future.The look in my parents’ eyes made me feel guilty and silently vowed that I would never let my parents down again!In order to find a good school, my father took me to investigate many schools.After careful selection and with the joint decision of my parents, I chose Shenyang Information Engineering School, a school that changed the course of my life.First entered the school that day, my heart was very excited, in my life, had never seen anything so fashionable modern school, the teacher to accompany all the way, we visited the playground, teaching building, training rooms, everywhere neat capacious and bright, the elevator professional training equipment more advanced to my shock, I made a choice – it now I want to a good school!Cherish the Hard-won Opportunity to study On September 1, 2015, the school officially opened, because I am a rural household registration and exempted from tuition.I cherish this hard-won opportunity to study very much. I want to prove to my parents and myself that I will say goodbye to yesterday’s lazy ignorance and turn a new page with 100% determination.So, from the beginning of military training, I conscientiously do everything, and actively participate in learning and activities.Due to my efforts, I won the first prize of personal internal affairs and the title of training model, and stood on the podium of the school for the first time.I still remember my parents’ happy eyes when they met me that day. This sense of achievement made me more confident in myself.After the military training, a routine study life was ushered in. Every morning when I woke up, I told myself that the harder I worked, the luckier I would be.At the end of September, the sports meet came as scheduled, which was my strength, and I was able to show myself again.I signed up for many projects and got good results. My teachers and classmates were very happy. Because of my outstanding performance, I was elected monitor soon.I am very grateful to the teacher for my trust and training, three years of campus life made me understand the responsibility and responsibility, at the same time I also understand gratitude and return, I use self-reliance and self-improvement to win confidence and self-esteem.In May 2018, I was very honored to be selected by my school to participate in the elevator maintenance project of the National Skills Competition.Under the guidance of the teacher, I had no rest days to immerse myself in the training room, and even dreamed about practical operation when I slept.In the blink of an eye, the national game came.Hard work is not in vain, in the national secondary school 70 participating teams, we came to the top, achieved a good result of the third prize, MY mood is particularly excited.A naughty boy from the countryside stood on the podium in a national competition. I did not disappoint everyone who supported and trusted me — my dear teacher, my hard-working parents and myself who never gave up their efforts.This is destined to be the highlight of my life, but also the best memories of my youth!Gratitude Alma mater school career double harvest in the graduation season, in a twinkling of an eye I with solid professional knowledge accumulation, three years after the layers of the interview have been admitted to schindler elevator co., LTD., become a schindler elevator co., LTD., an intern, I volunteered to sink to the teaching practice in a line, both to validate three years learning outcomes, and to learn new skills.The one-year internship soon came to an end. In order to better exercise myself and enrich my experience, I chose to give up the “familiar and comfortable” environment and start a new challenge again. I went to Shenyang Branch of Kone Elevator Co., Ltd. to start a new career.Alma mater three years, not only taught me knowledge, but also cultivate my good moral character, the subtle influence of let me progress a little bit every day, slowly for the study and career double harvest, realize their own life counterattack.Lead its flow with its source, learn its become read my teacher.Thanks again to my school and teachers, let me grow this seedling, let me always believe that the harder the people are more lucky!Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: