Family tradition is the most valuable wealth of a family

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What is family tradition?Nowadays, “family style” is more about the temperament and values of a family.No matter how small the family, their parents or grandparents are, they must have their own way of life, and tell the younger generation how to walk in the world.With it, we can neither be humble nor pusillanimous, neither forget ourselves in prosperity nor be timid in adversity, and stick to our bottom line — it is the bottom line for us to walk in the world.Good family tradition is the best wealth left to children and grandchildren. It is an ancient Chinese saying to learn how to be a man before learning how to do things. It is also a quality that many excellent families attach importance to.Zeng Guofan’s emphasis on private education leaves us much to learn from.The first is frugality.Although Zeng Guofan was high in power, he could not bear the habit of extravagance, corruption and extravagance, so he did not let his children move to the capital, but let them live in the countryside.Home also do not hang any “phase house” “hou house” such as the plaque, simple engaged in.Zeng guofan’s daily diet was dominated by one meat dish, and he would not add one meat dish unless he was a guest.Apart from frugality, Zeng guofan’s other requirement for his children was diligence.No matter how busy his business was, Zeng Guofan would spare time to write letters to his children, help them revise poems and essays, and talk about their study and life.He asked his son, Zeng Jize, to dress neatly after getting up every day, greet his uncle and uncle, clean all the houses and then sit down to read, and practice 1,000 words every day.Sons sweep the floor and plant vegetables. Women cook and weave. They cannot order servants at will.Character is the bone of a person, and family tradition is the beginning of a person to establish character.A good family makes a man upright and upright in the world.Good family tradition, qualitative feeling good disposition, can let a person face life more actively, embark on a better road.And it is his family that shapes a person’s character.Feng Zikai, who had seven children, was very protective of their innocence and strongly opposed raising them into “little adults”.Apart from letting children grow up freely in the air of love, Feng also attaches importance to cultivating their independent spirit.It is the family tradition full of innocence and tolerance that gives them confidence to grow up freely.Good family tradition, the tree ambition good family, but also can set the tone for a person’s future ambition.A good family tradition is a signpost for a person to advance. It tells you that even if a person was born in the ordinary, he should also have ambition and interest, so as to find the career he is willing to pay for his whole life and become an adult.No man is an island. The meaning of family existence is to warm each other.A wise man will consult his family more when he meets matters, especially important ones.This not only allows you to think more comprehensively.What is more important is that all negotiations represent trust and respect.In a family, there will be a sense of belonging and the cohesion of the family will be stronger when there is a measure and mutual respect among family members.A home would be better.What family doesn’t have some bumps in the road?If we always haggle over every ounce and blame each other, the war will only intensify.Trivial matters, mutual tolerance;Don’t hurt the details, forgive.After all, the wind and waves in life are a few, the warmth of those melting in the fuel is the most moving.Don’t argue for right and wrong, arguing to win the reason will lose the feelings of our daily life, there are many trivial things.”Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or the tail?Daily expenses, is it better to be thrifty, or to pursue quality of life?In a quarrel, who should apologize first?””Home is not a reasonable place. Reason wins and emotion loses.”Everything knows timely concession, don’t always think about winning or losing, when everyone in the family, learned to bow, the day will cross more and more beautiful.A home, should be the starting point of all of us, the direction of return, is our eternal haven.