With this big guy, the whole family can go out without a worry

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Jetway X90 PLUS opened presale at the Chengdu Auto Show, the new car is positioned as a big family happy car, committed to let the big family enjoy the joy of travel, discover more world with their families, appreciate the charm of the journey.The launch of Jetway X90 PLUS has better satisfied the needs of multi-child families and multi-generation families to travel together. Take parents and children, accompany your lover, and set out together to experience the fireworks of the city, enjoy the natural beauty, laugh all the way and move forward.Large space, let the big family sit to enjoy wide and comfortable space as a big family travel car, ample space is naturally the primary indicator.Jetway X90 PLUS with 4858mm long body, 1925mm body width, 2850mm long wheelbase, for passengers to bring a front one meter head space and two rows of one meter leg space, so that when traveling each member can enjoy the longitudinal width.The large trunk of 1130L, a 5-seat model, can hold all the luggage, all kinds of equipment, toys…Arrange for each family member’s needs to be properly addressed.There are also 6 and 7 seat models to choose from, and a perfect match can be found for all family structures.One of the secrets of jetway X90 PLUS is intelligent interaction. The Chery Lion Smart Cloud system equipped with it can realize full-time interactive voice control, mobile phone wireless charging, mobile phone mapping screen casting and other functions.In addition to intelligent interaction, jetway X90 PLUS is also equipped with L2 intelligent driver assistance system,It includes ACC adaptive cruise system, AEB automatic emergency braking system, FCW front vehicle radar monitoring anti-collision warning system, LKA-Lane keeping assist system, SLA-traffic speed limit sign recognition system, HMA- intelligent high beam assist system, TJA/ICA- integrated congestion assist system to escort the big family for happy travel.More safety, let the big family enjoy the carefree travel, safety is also the top priority.Therefore, express way X90 PLUS is equipped with many hardcore security configuration, 75% of high strength steel cage body, to provide full security for the safety of the family travel, the high-end models of 6 airbag configure also guarantee for each member of the family travel security, ESP stability system of blessing at the same time, also greatly reduce the probability of accident,Improve the safety factor of extended family travel.In addition to the core security configuration, health also needs to be guaranteed.Jietuo X90 PLUS interior selection of 118 kinds of environmental materials, so that the vehicle smell < 3.5 level, PLUS PM2.5+ anion health fresh air system and the whole system of standard CN95 air filter, so that the vehicle air is always fresh as new, protect the health of every family member.Jietu Auto makes unremitting efforts to create a better new journey for users, and is committed to let every family who wants to improve their family travel experience can have their favorite driving activities from April 9, 2022 to April 9, 2022