Improve efficiency, efficiency and efficiency!Fujian sounded the bugle of charge

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A year’s plan begins in spring.On February 7, the first working day after the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, Mr. Pingshan attended three important events in the province: the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the launching of major projects by video link, and the symposium of private entrepreneurs.Mr. Pingshan listened, remembered and understood carefully, and felt deeply that the CPC Central Committee and the provincial government resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, carried forward the fine style of “getting things done immediately and doing solid work”, and paid close attention to the clear thinking and effective measures of work implementation.These three activities, with the mobilization and deployment of the whole province, took the action of “improving efficiency, improving efficiency and increasing efficiency” as an important starting point to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the province’s economy and society.There are also provincial party committee and provincial government above the rate, listen to opinions to create a development environment, grasp the project to promote the implementation of practical action……”Improving efficiency, efficiency and performance” is an important theme and a strong focus for us to do a good job in all our work this year.As Provincial Party Secretary Yin Li pointed out in his speech — this year, the work of the province focuses on improving efficiency, efficiency and efficiency, and comprehensively promoting high-quality economic and social development.We should adhere to the problem-oriented, practical results as the standard, guide the whole province to further enhance the awareness of efficiency, efficiency and efficiency, in the “efficiency” of the high and low, see responsibility, show spirit, to ensure the successful completion of the year’s targets and tasks, with excellent results to welcome the party’s 20th national Congress.At the same time, the meeting of the standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee on how to “improve efficiency, improve efficiency, improve efficiency”, put forward guidance, and the specific work requirements of the party committees and governments at all levels of the province, it can be said that it is blowing the trumpet to strive to realize the “steady door” “a good start”, to ensure the “whole year” “good year” charge.Both clear work deployment, and take the lead in implementing!Lord Pingshan also felt deeply that the other two activities on that day, one focused on business environment and the other focused on major projects, grasped the key and key points of the action of “improving efficiency, improving efficiency and increasing efficiency”, and set a good start and example for the whole province to form a work pattern of leading from level to level and implementing from level to level.Stable growth and investment require a better business environment and better service efficiency.On the afternoon of February 7, the provincial party Committee and government held a symposium for private entrepreneurs in Fuzhou, to extend New Year’s greetings to all private entrepreneurs in the province, and to discuss good policies, boost energy and seek development together.Pingshan jun saw the scene, 12 private entrepreneurs from all over the province made a speech, combined with the development of enterprises and the future development of the province to put forward suggestions.Provincial leaders, such as Provincial Party Secretary Yin Li and Provincial governor Zhao Long, listened to the speech carefully and interacted from time to time, with warm and harmonious scenes.At the forum, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government sent a clear signal and firm confidence to private entrepreneurs in Fujian. This year, Fujian will deepen and expand the activities of “Study again, study again, implement again”, focusing on improving efficiency, efficiency and efficiency, and comprehensively promoting high-quality development.We will give greater priority to promoting the development of the private economy and give strong support to the development and expansion of private enterprises.We will protect the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises and entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, so that everyone can focus on business and development with peace of mind.To help enterprises solve specific difficult problems such as financing and employment, so that enterprises have a greater sense of gain;We will continue to optimize and improve the business environment, and further speed up the building of a “convenient Fujian” that enables people to get things done quickly.Vigorously carry forward fujian’s fine tradition of being pro-business, pro-business and loving business, and build pro-Qing political and business relations…Outside the spring rain, indoor warm feeling.After the discussion, provincial leaders had a working dinner with the representatives of entrepreneurs attending the meeting, and further discussed and exchanged views on the future development of enterprises and the construction of hometown.Mr. Pingshan believes that a better and better business environment in Fujian will further stimulate the innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity of private enterprises, and unleash greater momentum to develop their businesses and build their hometown.To build a modern economic system for major projects, we must put quality first and benefit first.Big and good projects are an important support for high-quality development.In the morning of February 7th, through the video link of the major projects in the first quarter of the big screen, pingshan jun felt the construction scene in full swing around the project site machines, cranes, pile drivers and other tense work……The concentrated construction of 30 social livelihood projects, with a total investment of 24.35 billion yuan, 53 infrastructure projects, with a total investment of 38.85 billion yuan, most of which are closely related to People’s Daily life, will further enhance our sense of security and happiness after completion!In the first quarter of this year, 230 major projects with a total investment of 239.8 billion yuan were started in Fujian.According to Pingshanjun, 147 industrial projects, with a total investment of 176.6 billion YUAN, have been launched, focusing on digital economy, Marine economy, green economy and cultural and tourism economy, accounting for half of the projects, reflecting the efforts of all regions to promote high-quality development.Focusing on new energy, mawei New energy Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Base, China Innovation New Aviation Xiamen Phase III, Fuding Times lithium electronic battery production Base phase IV and other projects will further help Fujian new energy industry to grow bigger and stronger;Focusing on new infrastructure, Douxun Cloud computing data center and other projects will be started in Licheng District, which will further boost digital industrialization;Meisin Jianou new environmental protection applied materials production project site focus on new materials, Meisin Jianou new environmental protection applied materials production, Shanghang Chuanhua new phosphorus flame retardant production and other projects completed, will further help to achieve the goal of “double carbon”……Lord Pingshan believes that these real “advanced, sophisticated” projects will provide strong support for the annual economic operation within a reasonable range.Roll up your sleeves and work hard!Happiness is hard work!After work on the first day in consecutive three games news activity, pingshan jun intimate feeling the efficient – in the spring of the revitalized, full of hope, fujian and further clarify the focus of the work force, the next step is to need to adjust measures to local conditions, refinement scheme, around the wall charts, collaborative cooperation, vigorously promotes the implementation, strengthen the security,Every major project and every key work should be carried out in a solid and effective way, so as to jointly draw a beautiful picture of the construction of New Fujian in the new development stage.Source: Fujian Daily · New Fujian Client Edited by Nina Du and reviewed by Zehua Wu