Year five, send you five words, the word daughter

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The fifth day of the New Year, the fifth day of the New Year, the year has been worshiped, the blessing is also finished, and then the value of the five words, to all of you!1. What is happiness?Health without pain, is a blessing;Peace without disaster, is a blessing;Contentment is not greed, is a blessing;Happy is the family that knows peace and discord.May everyone in the New Year: full of blessings, thick blessings!What is Lu lu?Salary is career, salary is income.In the New Year, is willing to official friends, official prosperity;Is willing to be a friend of business, profit is rich;Wish entrepreneurial friends, smooth success;Willing to work friends, pay and promotion.Good luck to all of you!Life what is life?Life is life, life is peace and health.Life on earth, long life is blessed, life is still extended, safe and healthy, is the greatest wealth.Wish you all peace, longevity and health in the New Year!Like what is like?Xi is a good thing joy;Joy is happiness.This life is full of happy events, false alarms is happy, lost is happy, is loved is happy, family harmony is happy.Wish everyone in the New Year: good things in pairs, happy events in succession!What is wealth?Money is money money, money is car material.Money is not to be gained without hard work.In the New Year, I wish everyone: countless money, get rich every day, money is not short, rich and rich!The fifth day of the year, the words of blessing no longer say, only send you these five words.I hope everyone in the New Year, full of blessings, both fortune and wealth, health and peace, happy events, a happy life, rich wealth.Want what to have what, what also do not lack, ferro shouxi wealth, everything!