Wayan was cleaning Windows in the homeowner’s house, scaring the homeowner

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A woman in Baoding, Hebei province, was so frightened by what she saw when she entered her bedroom that she covered her mouth to avoid crying out.The woman’s new house she bought last year has been renovated and she plans to have a comfortable and bright Spring Festival this year.Today, we specially invited sister Cleaning, she just went downstairs to throw garbage back, in the living room, kitchen did not see sister cleaning.It was such a sight when she entered the bedroom that she almost fainted.Most of her body had stepped out of the window. Although her hands clung to the window, there were no protective measures.Oh, my God, this woman lives on the 12th floor.Oh, sister Janie, that’s a little bold.Cleaning sister in order to give customers a good service, some corners and corners are carefully wiped, the window as a place to see, of course, can not let go.But the way of cleaning the window is really too dangerous, isn’t there a special window cleaner?That kind of glass with magnets, two pieces of suction iron suction on the inside and outside of the glass together, there is a safety rope to protect the magnet outside does not fall, and then move the magnet inside, you can clean the window, big sister why don’t you use it?Wayan said that she had used glassware, but when she saw that the window frames and corners were not clean enough, she simply leaned out and wiped them with a cloth.See this scene, the net friend can not sit still, across the screen all feel suffocated, this if in case of accident, how to do?Big sister ah, the window sill outside can not pedal, the window surface is the outermost insulation layer, it is not able to bear the weight, and even a safety rope is not, it is too dangerous.Even if the Windows are not properly cleaned, it doesn’t matter, after all, people’s safety is the most important thing, we all understand that.How did your family wipe it this year? Are there any protective measures?# # life