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When VISITING relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, a friend asked if there was any book suitable for primary school students, so I recommended “The Little Detective in the Pepper Pot Building” to him.This series of books has won many awards and been recommended by many celebrities (such as former President Obama), so today we take a look at it.”Pepper Pot building detective” a set of four books, are “The Secret of the Big Yellow Cat”, “The Incredible School”, “The Wonderful Trip to Norway” and “The Purple Fox midnight Adventures.”Chris Riddell’s award-winning children’s book tells the story of odulin, an elegant and independent detective who works with his friend Mr Munroe to solve mysteries, discover talents and pursue friendship.Chris Liddell (born 1962) is an English illustrator and children’s book author.His works are rich in imagination, humorous and interesting, but also vivid, creative, loved by children.Chris has published more than 100 books and the Pepper Pot Detective series, which he wrote over a decade, has won various children’s book awards in the UK, including the Nestle Children’s Book Award, the Red House Children’s Book Award, the Shelfield Children’s Book Award and the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award.Odulin and her best friend, Mr. Munroe, live in an apartment in the Hofrudink Building, which looks so much like a pepper pot that everyone calls it the Pepper Pot Building.Munro came from the swamps of Norway. He was small and furry and loved hot chocolate and sunny places.Odulin’s parents, Professor Brown and His wife, often traveled around the world, but wherever they went, they would send postcards and collections to Odulin, so it was a daily routine for Odulin and Munro to take care of the house and collection.Odulin is intelligent and thoughtful, Munro is shy and gentle, and they share a sense of curiosity and justice, and together they experience a variety of fantastic and fascinating adventures.In “The Big Yellow Cat’s Secret,” they track down clues, solve tough cases that plague the police, catch a notorious jewel thief, Yellow Cat, and rescue a pet dog used by yellow Cat.In Incredible School, they discover their talents and bravely capture the ghost of the Hammerstein horse.People panic behind the ghost event, the original is cecily’s lack of parental love struggle.In The Fantastic Norwegian Voyage, they visited the monstrous monstrous feet of Trondheim.From sea to sky to strange island, Odulin sets out on a wild journey to survive Norway in order to find her lost friend.In the midnight Adventure of the Purple Fox, they and the purple fox together in the middle of the night, the start of the city safari, and help the purple fox to get to know the sidekick – red fox.The most amazing adventure may come from the people silently beside you.Through their adventures, they discover not only truth, but also courage and friendship, stories of self-growth, love and companionship.Beautifully illustrated and full of detail, “The Little Detective in the Pepper Pot Building” is not only charming, but also beautifully illustrated.Chris Liddell’s work is known for its fine line drawing, and so is The Detective in the Pepper Pot Building.The illustrations are Victorian and full of detail.For example, in “The Adventures of Midnight with the Purple Fox,” Odulin and Munro wake up early to clean out the storeroom. Odulin is dressed as a Rosie rivet headscarf, a lumberjack plaid shirt and seven bags of overalls, and Munro wears a Peruvian llama’s hat.On an evening city safari with the purple Fox, Odulin wears a double-breasted carriage suit, a sombrero hat and a goose-headed umbrella, and Munro wears a large old raincoat, which shows the author’s best efforts.There are many more small details to be discovered, and these details are clues for the young detectives to solve the crime.I recommend “The Little Detective of the Pepper Pot Building” to primary school students. I believe it will bring different reading experience to children.I am tiger pomelo, book reviewer, educator, like reading and writing, glad to meet you here.”A person can go fast, but a group of people can go farther.” So I formed the “Pomelo Reading Group”, welcome the friends who love reading to join me, we can read together.