It is the early spring “liver protection dish”, these 7 big effects, eat is to earn!

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With the arrival of rainwater solar term, the breath of spring is getting stronger and stronger.Many friends who love TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine know that spring is a good time to nourish the liver.So, do you know what are the good ingredients for nourishing liver in spring?In fact, spinach is good!Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spinach is sweet, smooth, into the liver, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, antipyretic toxicity, blood circulation, gastrointestinal effect.Spring to eat it, not only the most tender taste, there are ziyin to smooth the liver, clear the effect of gastrointestinal heat poison, help to prevent the hypertension, headache and anemia caused by insufficient liver Yin in spring.In addition, modern dietetics also highly appraise it.Here, let’s take a look at the health benefits of spinach!01 Prevention of dementia spinach is rich in folic acid, folic acid to maintain the nervous system, adjustment of mood is helpful, some alzheimer’s disease prevention also has a role.Spinach is rich in carotene and lutein, which can maintain vision and enhance immunity.Spinach is rich in riboflavin to prevent mouth ulcers, lip inflammation, dry eyes.04 calcium spinach itself is rich in calcium, and it is rich in vitamin K, help to promote the synthesis of calcium, so spinach is a good calcium vegetable.The content of magnesium in spinach is very high, among the most common vegetables, magnesium is the regulator of cardiac rhythm, eating spinach often helps to protect the heart.06 defecation spinach contains a lot of dietary fiber, help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, moisten bowel defecation, prevent constipation.Before gaining muscle, the team at freie Universitat Berlin took ecdysterone, the main ingredient in spinach, and tested it on professional athletes.They found that the athletes who took the spinach extract were three times stronger during strength training than the control group.After all, muscles are not only a sign of strength and beauty, but also a major threat to high blood sugar and many chronic diseases.Spinach is rich in oxalic acid, oxalic acid intake too much will affect the absorption of calcium, may also form stones, so remember to blanch before eating, you can remove most of the oxalic acid.However, because spinach is also rich in heat-resistant vitamin C, the blanching time must be controlled to prevent too much nutritional loss.So how do you get rid of oxalic acid and still retain more vitamin C?Blanch spinach in boiling water for 60 seconds.Too little time to remove oxalic acid or not enough;Too long and you lose a lot of vitamin C.During this one minute, the oxalic acid can be blanched 60-70%, and a bit of vitamin C is lost, but not much, about 10%.It is important to note that even if you are making spinach soup, you have to re-cook the blanched spinach.Otherwise, we put very not easy hot oxalic acid and drink into the stomach!Spinach recipes spinach practices are many, can be stir-fried, can be boiled, can be cold, in light principle to do it can be.01 Sesame paste mixed with spinach materials: spinach 200~300 grams, sesame oil, light soy sauce, sesame paste, salt.Practice: 1. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot and boil, blanch spinach and add salt to taste.2. Drain spinach, cut into sections and place on a serving plate. Mix sesame oil, light soy sauce and sesame paste to make sauce, and pour over spinach.Ingredients: 500 grams of spinach, 3 eggs, 3 pieces of green onion, cooking wine, salt.How to do: 1. Wash spinach, blanch in boiling water, remove, drain and cut into sections.2. Beat eggs and add cooking wine and water to stir well. Heat the pot and add oil to heat it over a large fire. When the oil is 80% hot, add eggs and fry them until done.3. Pour a little more oil into the wok. When the oil is 40% hot, add the leeks and fry them until fragrant.03 Spinach and green fish soup materials: 250 grams of spinach, 500 grams of clean green fish, 6 grams of Buhuhu, 10 grams of angelica, 30 grams of black sesame powder, salt, chicken essence, lard, wet starch, stock each appropriate amount.Practice: wash spinach, into the boiling water pot and Bupleurum, angelica together blanched for 10 seconds, out of the blender into juice;Mash the herring meat with a grinder, add black sesame powder, refined salt and a little lard, beat in one direction until it is strong, put black sesame fish balls in a cold water pot, cook them over medium and small fire until done;Bring stock to boil, add salt, chicken essence and spinach juice, thicken, fish balls served.Efficacy: This dish nourishing blood and liver, tonifying kidney and calcium, invigorating spleen and water, soothing liver and relieving depression, can resist fatigue.However, stone patients should not eat, the person of deficient cold spleen and stomach should not eat more.Tips: Spinach consumption taboo calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, calcium citrate and other calcium, as well as sulfonamides, macrolides drugs (clarithromycin, azithromycin, roxithromycin, etc.), the most afraid of organic acids in spinach.Taking these drugs, it is best to eat less spinach. If symptoms such as hematuria and crystalline urine occur after taking medicine, you should see a doctor in time.The anticoagulant warfarin is most afraid of vitamin K in spinach, so it is best not to eat a lot of spinach suddenly during the medication, so as not to affect the efficacy.Material: Health China editor: Gan Yuqiong shangguan number author: Shanghai Jinshan