Fun Chuzhou Man here to enjoy the rural life of the wild

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The spring season, beautiful it is those things fragrance natural scenery as exuberant together into “the fairy place” into green hurried experience the joy of spring to enjoy pastoral life delight in shengfeng ecological NongYeYuan is located in the northern suburbs of chuzhou tianchang city 3 km YongFeng Town SanYuan Village, gaoyou lake in the east, xihuan rouge lake, south in accordance with the white tahe, north pillow interpretation of lake, lakes,Tianlin interdependent, beautiful ecological environment.Into here, just as into the garden of the gods, that piece of fir forest, wonderful colors, the infection of flowers in the air, all people sigh.Far away, sky, green land, flowers, as far as the eye can see, flowers in the garden, breeze whispering, like drinking green tea.To create a forest pastoral painting style, the formation of agricultural creative culture area.Every spring wheat flowers fragrance season, the public tourists with their families and children to the raft sightseeing, feel the beautiful countryside.In addition, there are many characteristic agricultural projects become popular science, parent-child play, public holiday leisure entertainment good place.There is also a characteristic “yurt”, which can be barbecue, meal, rest and so on…..Water restaurant, all kinds of farm food service, let you feast ~ to each come to play a wonderful experience of their own.The orchard in the park can provide visitors with different picking experience in different seasons.Grapes, strawberries, shengfeng cherry, watermelon and other fruits can be brought home oh ~ swaying with the wind while the field of spring wind singing into the arms of the lush field together slow down, slow down life!Contact: feel infringement, please contact to delete) point