What is the truth about mutate’s genetic virus?

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Variation author: He Tao Publishing House: Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House Publication Date: November 2020 ISBN: 978-7-5594-4354-0 Pricing: 39.80 Yuan Introduction:Standing at the vantage point of human nature, whether to change genes to become the dominant power of human beings, or to adhere to the continuation of human civilization.When we have the ability to alter genes, to determine the future of humanity.Duanmu heavy armour is in the process that tracks outlaw, encounter mysterious woman to attack, nearly die, he suspects this is the trap that plans meticulously, the purpose wants to kill him namely, but think not to understand what person wants to buy him after all at death.Planet safety director bureau agent Longxinlan told heavy armor around the world have unknown virus caused by death and missing events, and speculate that three he Michiko and Dr. Owen (” evolution “Boss) is still in the world, and witnessed two deaths of heavy armor with half a doubt.Two people launched an investigation, mysterious man appeared again, attack longxin Orchid and Duanmu heavy armor, heavy armor injury;They suspect the mystery man is not a normal human, or at least genetically enhanced.All kinds of clues, let them suspect that the mysterious person is three he Michiko, but how to revive people dead.The ravages of clone people, the threat of super combat effectiveness, the phagocytosis of gene virus, worldwide panic…Heavy armour and dragon heart orchid witnessed the catastrophe of this gene mutation with one’s own eyes, the worry of the heart and the burden of saving mankind all the more heavy.But what is the truth of the genetic virus, whether the human race will be wiped out, and how to stop this crazy plan.He Tao has been writing science fiction since 2014.She has published her works in magazines such as Science Fiction World, Science Fiction Cube, Science Fiction Illustrated, Inside and Outside class, tadpole Staff and Science Fiction Nebula.com.He has won more than 10 science fiction awards, including Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award, Morning Star Science Fiction Award, Future Full Link Super Short Science Fiction Contest, Three-body Universe Essay Contest, China Industrial Literature Contest and Light Year Award.He has published a trilogy of sci-fi novels, Man-machine Warfare.New hits evolution, Mutation.Mai Bei mall – authentic products at low prices, express delivery timely, a comprehensive online shopping mall to buy and sell babies