Tian Jing under night shift back home, Yao division soldiers of this wave of operation, Xiong Lei will be jealous?

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Introduction: Tian Jing family KTV, Xu Min and Qi Qi chorus “you are happy” love is a pair of wings, to accompany me over the valley, you are happy, it is the gift of the years!A warm hug, full of happiness!Xu Min and his grandson sing a song “you are happy” in the year of the tiger, Xu Min and Yao Shibing fly to Zhumadian for a happy year!The happiest thing is Qiqi Yueyue. Grandma takes care of them when they get up, wash and play, and grandpa takes care of the family’s food.On New Year’s Eve, Tian Jing was arranged to add a night shift, hurried home from work, in order to see and Guo Wei, Guo Wei first day on duty!As soon as Tian Jing returned home, Yao hurriedly brought the steamed bread and put the meal on the table. He also put the chair on the table and told Tian Jing to have a good rest.Yao shibing cooked a pot of meat early in the morning. Tian Jing made fun of Wei, judging from yao shibing’s simple daily movements, we can see that he loves his children very much!Think at the beginning, Xiong Lei married Yao Ce, although Xu Min did not agree at that time.But love me, love my dog. After marriage, they contracted everything for Xiong Lei and Yao Ce, from helping Xiong Lei wash underwear to helping Xiong Lei’s father arrange work and travel.Now, although things are different, do not know if Xiong Lei saw, can you envy heart unripe?Xiong Lei carefully served old Du Guo, picked and picked the New Year’s Day, mouth clever Qi Qi Yue Yue funny grandparents from ear to ear, they got a big red envelope!Simple happiness is you accompany me to grow up, I accompany you to grow old!Xu Minyao division soldiers unfortunately absent from the growth of his own son Yao Wei, lucky to this life can be well compensated.Qiqi Yue Yue New Year’s greetings to grandpa and grandma as the song sings: you are happy, how far the journey, how many cold and heat, and you together, feel satisfied!I hope xu Minyao’s family will be full of happiness!