This insecticidal formula, specially for whitefly, scale insects, etc., spray tube for 50 days

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Scale insects because the surface of the body wall is covered with a layer of hard shell, common drugs are difficult to penetrate, very difficult to control.In recent years, whitefly has become the most troublesome pest for farmers because of its rapid reproduction, strong flight ability and strong resistance.Today, I recommend an excellent insecticide formula for the treatment of scale insects, bemisia tabaci, whitefly and other stinging pests, with long duration and good effect.1. Product Introduction This formula is 20% Spiroworm · dinotefuran suspension, which is a mixture of spiroworm ethyl ester + dinotefuran.Snail ethyl ester is a quaternary ketoic acid insecticide and acaricide, which has strong internal absorption and can be carried up and down in the plant body.Dinotefuran is the third generation of nicotinoid insecticide, which can kill pests rapidly by acting on insect neurotransmission system. It has the effects of tactile and stomach toxicity, and can be quickly absorbed by plants and widely distributed in crops, effectively preventing and controlling scale insects, bemisia tabaci and other stinging pests.The combination of the two compounds has double synergistic effect, has neurotoxicity and energy metabolism blocking effect, and is more effective in killing insects.It has the triple functions of touching, stomach toxicity and internal absorption, and can conduct bidirectional in the plant body after use, which can not only comprehensively kill insects, but also protect the new leaves and fruits.2, main characteristics (1) Long duration: this agent is the only one with bidirectional transmission characteristics of the agent, after application, can be absorbed by the roots of plants, and bidirectional transmission to any part in the body, and in the plant body for a long time, to achieve the purpose of killing pests.(2) Good rapidity: this agent has the dual effects of neurotoxicity and energy metabolism blocking. After a few minutes of application, pests will be paralyzed and stop feeding, which can better protect crops from being damaged.(3) Good internal absorption: the agent has good internal absorption, spraying can be quickly absorbed by the leaves of the plant, and two-way conduction in the plant body, the agent evenly distributed to each part of the plant, to achieve the purpose of continuous killing pests.(4) Strong permeability: the agent can penetrate the waxy layer of the leaf from the front to achieve osmotic layer shift, and soon reach the opposite side of the leaf, upward conduction, can achieve is hit anti death, hit up to die, insect killing thoroughly, effectively reduce the base of pests, the duration of 3 ~ 4 weeks, the longest up to 8 weeks.(5) Simultaneous killing of insect eggs: this agent can exist in the plant body for a long time, and has a good killing and inhibition effect on various insect states of pests.(6) Good safety: the drug is highly safe for crops, without any toxic side crops, and it is also safe to use in the sensitive period of crops in time, without the occurrence of drug harm.3, applicable crops can be widely used in cotton, rice, pepper, tomato, soybean, cowpea, cucumber, watermelon, eggplant, winter melon, pumpkin, zucchini, strawberry, apple, citrus, grape, pear, kiwi, cherry, pomegranate, persimmon, walnut and other cropsCan effectively control citrus tree scale shell insect, aphid, psyllid, pear psyllid, tomato whitefly, cucumber whitefly, thrips, pepper whitefly, tea tea leaf hopper, apple tree cotton aphid, peach tree aphid and other pests.5, prevention and control methods to control whitefly, bemisia tabaci, thrips, aphid and other pests on tomato, pepper, cucumber, watermelon and other crops, can be in the early stage of the occurrence of pests, each mu with 20% spiroworm · dinotefuran suspension 20-25 ml, add 30 to 40 kg of water evenly spray.The control of scale insects, wood lice, cotton aphid and other pests on citrus, pomegranate, persimmon, pear and other fruit trees can be at the initial stage of occurrence, with 20% spiroworm · dinotefuran suspension 2000-3000 times liquid, uniform spray on the whole plant leaves.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: