Why can’t hanyu yuzuru spin hundreds of turns in a single figure skating race?

2022-07-31 0 By

The men’s figure skating duel at the Beijing Winter Olympics has captivated the audience, but it has left many wondering: how do athletes stay dizzy while spinning on the ice?The answers involve biomechanics, balance control and coordination of multiple sensorimotor systems.Figure skaters need the vestibular system of the inner ear to balance themselves while completing their routines.The vestibular system is responsible for the human body’s own sense of balance and spatial perception system, but also an important structural basis for the maintenance of coordination and balance ability in complex movement.In general, the lower the ratio of eyeball speed to head speed, the less “sensitive” the vestibular system.That is, under the same rotation stimulation, figure skater’s eyeball rotation range is smaller than ordinary people, it is not easy to dizziness.Long-term skating training, so that the vestibular system gradually accustomed to the head of the spatial change of stimulation, and then smoothly achieve a high level of posture and balance control.Special techniques are also important, such as gradual acceleration and gradual deceleration, to avoid sudden, sharp changes in head position.So in training, figure skaters will deliberately ask themselves to stare at a fixed point during the spin to reduce dizziness.Long practice and skills close to tao, natural ease.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Zheng Zhipeng