There is a nail house in Hubei province that has stood on the Yangtze River for 700 years and no one dares to tear it down

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“Nail house” has always been a literal noun, as annoying as all nail houses are.But one particular nail house in Hubei province, known as the Chao Niu Nail House, is said to have stood inside the Yangtze River for 700 years and no one has dared to tear it down.It’s extraordinary just to see where this nail house is, because it’s right in the middle of the Yangtze River — right in the middle of the Yangtze River — and this house is a very large theater that was built in the Song Dynasty, and it’s thousands of years old.After that, some dynasties, such as Yuan, Ming and Qing, restored or suppressed the building to a certain extent, so it can be regarded as a Chinese cultural relic with many disasters.And after all these tribulations or repairs, it appears to us in its present form.Now we came to the bank of the Yangtze River and saw a very old and small building on a raised platform. The island was so small, or even not so large, that it looked like the outline of a small steamboat.Standing on this side of the Yangtze river for so long, it surprises many people that the building has not been eroded by the River and is firmly stuck here.It is also said to have been used to predict disasters, as a flood pavilion was built there, and whenever the pavilion was flooded, it was said that the surrounding villages would be flooded.So for a long time, people had to watch the water level around the small house every day to prepare for it.So some people think that this is actually an ancient prediction of the weather, otherwise who would have built the stage in the middle of the river?Rumors about this building now emerge in endlessly, but no matter who is right there is a fear of heart, and now has been more and more relevant personage of the after one thousand, the construction of a certain protection and restoration, although can’t move it away but he can still come rain or shine and without any worries continue to stay in here in the next hundred years.So this is the nail house in Hubei province. After all, the nail house is an ancient relic of China, backed by the state and supposed to be a treasure house of Chinese culture, so no matter how long it wants to stay in this place, no one dares to attack it.