Speak up!What does Embiid think of James Harden’s entry, which might surprise you

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Sports fresh point of view: making in-depth sports information!Harden finally walked away from the Nets and swore to win the NBA championship with Embiid.So what does Embiid think of Harden after he defected to Him?Maybe the answer is not what you expected!Harden appeared on the bench, the beard is ready to start, want to blend in the new environment after Harden joined, the team one win one loss, still good, but before the big loss was ugly, also let many fans to Harden join hold the view of failure!Fortunately, the team bounced back later in the game, took a game, and gave Harden a face!Harden also interacts frequently with his teammates, showing up at practice, interacting with Embiid, Maxi and others, and then coming out of the bench to watch the team play.It also shows that Harden is eager to fit in with the team, after all, there is not much time left for Harden to win a championship, especially in the middle of the season with the Houston Rockets and the Nets, personal character has been questioned by fans, so Harden wants to win a championship to alleviate the dislike of fans.Embiid is also a player who wants to prove himself with a championship, so the two are a match, compared to the Nets’ Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.How does Embiid feel about Harden’s acquisition?It may surprise you!The lakers are happy to have Harden, after all, get rid of the pesky Simmons and get a teammate who can help them win a championship.But the addition of Harden, especially in this kind of midseason breakup, may have had an impact on Embiid’s mind.For Harden, Embiid is generally welcome, after all, Simmons is a negative asset for Embiid, will only affect his championship, but Harden’s arrival, will not affect his championship!And attack ability to be stronger than Simmons, there are three points, the critical moment will also move, this emperor is very willing to see!But in a sense, Embiid doesn’t necessarily agree with Harden. After all, Harden was hired to help Embiid, in other words, harden’s status as the rockets’ leader is gone.Harden in the new team won’t be the first choice, can only be relegated to grace than Germany, plus a cluttered harden’s private life, don’t play defense, critical moment has the situation of the chain, especially in recent seasons to pull across more, in the face of these than Germany is to harden doesn’t have enough confidence in my heart, is also a doubt!Add in the fact that Harden’s relationships with the Thunder, Rockets, and Nets have all ended on bad terms, so it’s still unclear how well harden will fare with his new team.One thing is for sure: Harden is having a good season — after all, embiid and the gMO hired him — but when things go bad, friends can turn into enemies, just look at how Durant and Irving have changed their attitudes toward harden.So in Embiid’s eyes, Harden is the no. 2, is to help him, Harden has to position, can’t overstep!Embiid won’t hesitate to let Harden take the fall if he can’t guarantee the team’s record.Like friends remember to help like, forward ah!