Peking University professor 3 minutes of speech, won countless applause, once said: academician around the director laugh

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As one of the top two universities in China, Peking University enjoys a very high popularity in China and is widely sought after and loved by many examinees. Many of them dream of studying in Peking University in the future.As a leader in China’s universities, Peking University has also cultivated many famous talents, such as Nobel Prize winner Tu, and Academician Zhong Nanshan, who has been active in the front line of COVID-19 response in recent years, both graduated from this university.The reason why Peking University can cultivate generation after generation of outstanding talents is closely related to its own abundant teaching resources and faculty.It is precisely because of the huge strength of the teaching team of Peking University that it has been able to cultivate a number of outstanding talents year after year.One, the impassioned speech by professor rao, won numerous applause some time ago, Beijing university has one thing on the Internet has caused wide attention and heated discussion, it is in the student’s graduation ceremony, there was a famous professor at Peking University, made a speech, he in 236 seconds with it only caused more than 500 words to speak when the audience applause from nine times.From the enthusiastic response to the speech, we can see that his speech is of a high standard.So, what is this talk about?The main content of the speech is actually to evaluate the status quo of China’s relevant scientific research and education, as well as a series of criticism of the relevant measures.The professor was Rao Yi, the famous dean of the School of Life Sciences at Peking University. He once famously revealed the real scene in which several old academicians stood around a director and laughed at him.Rao has long been determined to criticize China’s science, education and culture. He believes that we should not bow to the power of others, and as researchers, we should always stick to our own nature.He hoped that everyone could stick to his original aspiration, seek truth from facts and conduct scientific research objectively in the process of scientific research, so as not to lose his original aspiration in the competition for fame and wealth and make himself become a tool for fighting for power or being used by others.Scientific research is Paramount and should not be exploited maliciously, he describes it as a noble job performed by a dedicated scientist, not by someone who is exploited by the bureaucracy.As a scientist, we should stick to our original heart to work objectively, and should not change our working way because of the evaluation of others and the outside world.You should always be confident of yourself and show yourself to others with self-respect.Rao’s speech aroused widespread support and empathy from many people.And he has great talent, not just in the speech he works in the daily life time practicing what he said in his speech, these words, rao morality itself is a very noble man, he can always practice their own values, the integrity of people skills is very clean, and he don’t covet welfare,Instead, he devoted himself to his scientific research.He not to want more in a certain scientific research project funds, or higher achievement in the short term, and request relevant government agencies to help you handle affairs, he will not seek relations initiative to superior, because he feels it is a waste of time, and the behavior of the corrupt social conduct, deserves our resistance, should also let us be ashamed.Rao yi is also very resentful of the unhealthy atmosphere existing in the scientific research field in China. He once said when answering others’ questions that his research in China is oriented to the final publication of articles and his goal is to achieve certain personal achievements.His words sharply revealed a series of dark curtain existing in our country’s scientific research, and accurately revealed the dark side of those who are not known.At the same time, he is also practicing his own reform ideas.He announced that he would never again compete for the academy’s nomination, in an effort to draw attention to problems in the selection process.At the same time, he also urged returnees with higher degrees to train themselves at the grassroots level rather than jump into higher positions based on their education and connections.Still have a lot of people like rao, upright character, and they have respected the spirit of quality, they are not willing to compromise to cater to others, to engage in scientific research projects related to always stick to their own mind, to academic research, and promote China’s comprehensive national strength of ascension as their mission, rather than the pursuit of personal fame and wealth.In their eyes, scientific research is always more important than personal fame and wealth, and they are not willing to change their original research direction for their own interests.Of course, we should also be wary of egoists, people who will do whatever they want to do by hook or by hook.They tend to lose their scientific nature in order to promote their own popularity.Such a person should be worthy of our vigilance, and such a social atmosphere should be deeply abhorred by us.We should learn from professor Rao Yi’s spirit, dare to speak the truth and do things. We should stick to our original aspiration in scientific research and not lose our nature due to conflicts of interests. We believe that as long as we stick to our beliefs and make persistent explorations in relevant scientific research, we will surely achieve excellent results.