Jiangxi issued yellow alert!Don’t do these things

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Since the Tomb Sweeping Day, the province has been hot and sunny, and the forest fire risk level is high, reaching the yellow alert standard.Recently, forest fires broke out in many places in our province.According to the Forest Fire Emergency Plan of Jiangxi Province, the provincial forest fire control headquarters issued a yellow alert for forest fire.All localities are requested to strictly implement the early warning and response measures in light of the actual situation, and hereby notify the following concerning relevant matters: 1. The forest fire prevention and control command institutions of the city and county (district) shall strengthen on-duty dispatching, supervision and inspection.Two, the forest rangers to strengthen the publicity and inspection of forest fire prevention, rural cadres to in-depth responsibility area supervision, strict control of outdoor fire.Iii. County-level people’s governments shall dispatch working groups to inspect and supervise the grass-roots level in time to implement forest fire prevention and emergency measures.Four, professional forest fire brigade and township semi-professional fire fighting team to enter the emergency state.Ganzhou Forest Fire Prevention and Fire Prevention Headquarters also issued a notice on forest fire prevention and fire prevention work, requiring local authorities to strictly implement the “five prohibitions” on all wild fires.No fires for heating, baking or cooking are allowed in forest areas;No smoking or throwing cigarette butts in forest areas;It is forbidden to burn incense, burn paper, set off firecrackers, fireworks and kongming lanterns in forest areas and forest edges;It is forbidden to smoke rat holes, snake holes and animal holes in forest areas;No kindling is allowed to enter mountains or forest areas;Do not play with fire or burn fire to keep warm in the mountain;It is forbidden to conduct shooting, blasting and other inflammable operations in forest areas without authorization;No lighting by fire at night;It is not allowed to dig, transport or cut down trees in forest areas without authorization.Fireworks are prohibited in zhanggong District, Ganzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Rongjiang New Area.Second, the central city of Nankang District and the nearby related areas determined by the People’s government of Nankang District;The third is the central urban area of Ganxian District and the nearby related areas determined by ganxian District people’s government.It has made clear that fireworks are prohibited in eight categories of places and areas outside the restricted zone;It is made clear that people’s governments at the county level shall, in accordance with local conditions, formulate regulations on restricting or forbidding the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers and delimit areas for restricting or forbidding the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers;It is clear that in the areas where fireworks are prohibited, no fireworks business network shall be set up.People’s governments at the county level shall strictly implement the basic safety conditions for fireworks retail shops (shops) outside areas where fireworks are prohibited.Ganzhou county (city, district) area also according to the local reality, formulated the relevant provisions.Once the occurrence of forest fire in time to call the forest fire 12119 source: Ganzhou Radio and TELEVISION station comprehensive editor: Song Yiyun Zhong Jiang Huizi editor: Hu Jin review: He Huying supervision review: Xu Yong Feilong bridge under the stench of the cause found!Showing now!260 families in our city signed the first phase of “Ganzhou Good Man” in 2022 the latest plan!Ganzhou women and children → statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com