Is the Spring Festival Gala good?Many people praised the good, but not a program to remember, little taste of the New Year

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I read encyclopaedia, content is not vertical and not focused, cross fields and categories, not cater to and not lonely.All content is original, please read, if you copy, will protect rights in the end!Is this year’s Spring Festival Gala good?This year’s Spring Festival Gala as usual, also at eight o ‘clock in the evening, after watching the feeling, the whole person is not good.See a lot of “we media” in praise of tonight’s Spring Festival Gala, but I feel no longer the feeling of the past.Today’s Gala pays attention to the scene, can be said to be a strong visual impact.The stage was large and the actors were numerous. It looked very lively.The stage and lighting are very bright, it can be said that the feeling is dazzling, now the atmosphere of the New Year may be so.Singing and dancing programs are basically a few people singing and a group of people choreographing.Now the Spring Festival gala clothes than in the past beautiful dazzling many, this material conditions are indeed better than in the past many.There are many songs on the show, such as Feeling of The Times, Spring Breeze, So Many People in the World, and True Love To Dance. However, if you listen to these songs carefully, there is nothing you can listen to.But you listen carefully, it seems that there is no longer those who sang for a long time Spring Festival Gala songs.In the past, many classic songs were sung, such as “My Chinese Heart” in 1984, “A Fire in Winter” in 1987, “Clouds of Hometown” in 1987, “Lu Binghua” in 1991, “I Want to Have a Family” in 1991, “Waves Still” in 1993 and “Meet Me in 1998” in 1998.These songs from the Spring Festival Gala are still KTV classic songs.But what about songs in the Spring Festival Gala now?I have listened to it, there is no song that touches the heart, it can be said that it is placid.Could it be that our ears now hear too much?Are you being picky?Not really.Our appreciation of songs comes from the feeling of the heart, good music can shock the heart, can direct to the heart, not because you hear too much numb.It is not only the singing and dancing shows that feel unimpressive, but also the language shows such as the sketches and crosstalk that feel unfunny.In particular, like Lu Xinyuhao, the two representatives of the new crosstalk forces, has always been known as new, in the past to participate in all kinds of crosstalk related competitions have created new works, and now they are not easy on the Spring Festival Gala stage, but to a remix.This Spring Festival gala two cross talk is in the past said cross talk east pick up a bit of the west pick up a bit of piecing together, without any new creation, give a person the feeling like eating cold rice.Spring Festival Gala such an important stage, so-called crosstalk new forces are so to deal with, it can be seen that the Spring Festival gala is responsible for the audit of the director also a little water.The other sketch shows, too, don’t feel cola at all.Not only is it not coke, but there is something about it that makes people play, that doesn’t make sense, and that’s not possible in real life.It feels like the kind of funny that gives viewers a 50 cent special effect or shoves popular Internet memes into the show.Those who vigorously praised this year’s Spring Festival Gala held a good we-media, do not know how to appreciate the quality of a program.Today’s gala feels like a group photo of Internet celebrities, with the director pulling last year’s hot stars and Internet celebrities onto the stage for the audience to get to know each other.From the director’s point of view, these stars and Internet celebrities bring their own fans, which can ensure the gala’s ratings, people will definitely like to watch.But in practice?Programs that lack creativity and shock will not penetrate into people’s hearts.As of 24 o ‘clock on Jan 31, the average TV audience rating of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala reached 21.93 percent, and users of new media direct-on-demand broadcast reached 4.932 billion times.This data looks good, but the feeling of the Gala is getting further and further away.The old family feeling of sitting around in front of the TV to watch the Spring Festival Gala and enjoying it is gone.So what was it like in the past?In the past, the Spring Festival Gala is not as grand as the present one.Look at the 1983 gala, the stage compared to today, it is shabby.The stage of the 1983 Spring Festival Gala did not have such a large venue, nor gorgeous stage choreography, nor the changing background according to the program.The host of the program is only four people, dress is not very exquisite, there is no host special clothes, today this dress also appears to be a little shabby.The seats under the stage are also very ordinary, the chairs used to be the old folding chairs.1983 Spring Festival gala under the stage of the stage of the layout or in the past the sort of old-fashioned marriage room is decorated, with all kinds of color bright paper foil atmosphere.Today seems so old and shabby Spring Festival gala, but gave the people endless joy and memories.In the past, the stage was close to the audience, but now the stage is far away from the audience, which is not only far from the distance, but also far from the heart.1990 Spring Festival Gala Spring Festival Gala used to be a program that the Chinese people looked forward to. No matter how far away the Chinese traditional custom was, people would go home to get together with their relatives and sit around to have the New Year’s Eve dinner, and it became the most beautiful moment of the New Year’s Eve dinner.Enjoying the beauty of family love with loved ones, eating delicious delicacies and watching the laughter in the program, this is the flavor of Chinese New Year.Now the flavor of this year is getting weaker and weaker, only the memories of the past are left.It is not easy to do a good Spring Festival Gala. When can we return to the feeling of the past Spring Festival Gala? I don’t know when it will be.I’m Encyclopedic Reader, Life Reader, Encyclopedic grocery.