Artest: Yao Ming is not a super star without being named MVP or DEFENSIVE Player of the Year in 8 seasons

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Yao has always been considered a superstar by many people. Artest, the former star of the Rockets, said on a TV show:Yao played eight seasons in the NBA, while the performance is very good, I can do with his partner, I am very honored to, he was the strongest league in addition to o ‘neal after the paint, but then again, his career is not perfect, it’s a pity that never in the NBA and defensive player, he is not a superstar, can only be said to be a star.Rockets lineup is really not strong, apart from Yao McJian is not healthy, just a Battier is ok, power forward Hai Ye and Huo Ershu are either too big or no attack, point guard Rafer alston is too old, average strength, bench is also not good!Later, Scola Artai and others joined, Tracy injured line!If a healthy Yao McGrady, Artest, Scola, Battier, rafer alston and other key players, landry, Weaver, Heye, Brooks, Lowry, mutombo and other backup, absolutely have the strength to win a championship!Houston lost to Utah and Dallas in game 7, and the Jazz had a problem with the rockets, and yao was afraid of the short, stocky, shooting post.The people who say yao Ming McGrady can’t do it are the same people who haven’t seen the game.Yao has the illusion that he’s a superstar because he’s a show-stopper against the sharks, plays against the most dominant center in history, and plays Dwight Howard, who could have traded for Lebron.In fact, when Yao Ming was at his peak, the Sharks were already in decline, and Yao Ming’s tonnage was really the only one who could resist the sharks. Yao Ming was standing in the paint, and Howard really couldn’t fly anymore. Yao Ming’s hook shot was something That Howard didn’t have, so they all thought Yao Ming was particularly strong.Actually yao Ming’s weakness is particularly evident, too slow, not physical hand-to-hand fighting really hard physical (heart), will drag the rhythm slow, yao can only play when I was in the positional attacks, big deal fast break, the serious influence to the wealth of tactics, defense is easily lost, in the face of the library this like three points out for center, is particularly afflictive, completely failed to keep pace with others,So they couldn’t beat the Jazz. The Jazz got hung up by Kobe.But Yao is still the pride of China and even Asia. He is not a super player and a Hall of Famer. He is not some idiot who said he was forced to start for the Sake of the Chinese market.Yao Ming is definitely not a super star, no question, why?In fact, the core or physical quality, that is, physical strength!Physical fitness!Physical fitness.Whether or not the national team task is too heavy, physical fitness is yao round but the biggest obstacle!Watch the ball all know, a ball down, at least the fourth quarter efficiency visible decline, too tired.To be fair, Yao is a big killer in the international arena, but not so good in the NBA.Because of NBA rules, don’t play defense and the boards greatly limit the role of this kind of standing pile type center, moving the disadvantage of slow speed will be infinite amplification, for easy to rivals, another NBA game time is longer than the international game, yao’s physical strength not, these factors make little giant power in the NBA, yao actually technology and professional attitudes are top,Just a little acclimatized in the NBA.First yan Ming offensive ability is some, but rebound ability is weak.Second, the offense against yao Ming is fine, but the defense is not as good as Gasol’s, let’s face it.Pau gasol was swept by the grizzlies, and if yao had been replaced, the Grizzlies would have been out of the playoffs.The rockets’ shortcomings in those years were well known to fans, let alone coaches in the league.No. 4 diamond Landry Hayes basically has no defense. Don’t look at Hayes guarding Garnett alone and assume he has a strong defense.But don’t completely deny the rockets, to be in the top 4 or 5 in the West in those years was pretty good.Put the rockets’ record in the eastern Conference finals with no problem, and it’s bad luck in four words.Houston is in the west!This article belongs to the author’s original, if there is plagiarism will investigate!