The theme party Day activity was held in Yadi Street, Hubin District, Sanmenxia City: “Vanguard Action of Party members in the Improvement of rural Living Environment”

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In order to further promote the rural living environment renovation work, give full play to the “Party building +” leading demonstration role, January 25 morning, Sanmenxia City Hubin District Yadi street villages to carry out “rural living environment renovation party member pioneer line” theme party day activities.Activities, everyone’s hands holding a poker, pockets, shovels, hoes and other tools on their shoulders, the villages of the trunk road, schiscosomiasis roads, canals, Banks of the river of life rubbish to clean up, and used water cannon on the road is hard to clean up the sediment flushing, the villagers have also joined the Labour, a concerted effort to officials and the masses, presents a harmonious picture scroll.This activity aims to promote the rural living environment renovation work by blowing the new horn of “Party building + rural living environment renovation”, further mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of villagers, stimulate the endogenous power, and boost the consolidation of poverty alleviation achievements.Next, yadi street villages will continue to improve the “Party building + rural living environment remediation” normalized mechanism, give full play to the role of grassroots Party organizations fighting fort, gradually improve the village appearance, so that the villagers can effectively feel the latest achievements of rural living environment remediation.(Guo LAN) Editor: Ma Huixia