The Lantern Festival at Yongxingfang in Xi ‘an is a lively festival

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The Lantern Festival has always been one of the most important festivals in China. There are a series of traditional folk customs such as appreciating lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls and guessing lantern riddles.In Shaanxi, due to the regional differences in northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, there are distinctive traditions in diet and folk performance.From February 13 to 15, Xi ‘an Yongxing Square combined with local customs, with the theme of “Intangible cultural Heritage for Lantern Festival fireworks reunion”, for the first time in Northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi three different folk culture, regional food, through the intangible cultural heritage and folk culture innovation show to the public and tourists.For several days, the fireworks experience activities make this block with Shaanxi intangible cultural Heritage characteristics very lively.Intangible cultural Heritage performances in three regions of Shaanxi attracted many tourists.Reveal the loess plateau of shaanxi majestic “shaanxi DaYangGe”, the moral festival auspicious dragon dance lion dance in guanzhong plain, full of dreams of abundance life “bohanchuan row barge in yongxing fang” in another, let the people enjoy at the same time, also receives the different regions in shaanxi province celebrate yuanxiao intangible performance to bring peace and joy.In addition to folk performances, non-genetic inheritors have also presented their own “stunts” to help the Winter Olympics.Paper-cuts, cotton wool paintings, dough figurines and so on, in the hands of intangible heritage teachers into the hot “Bing Dwen Dwen”, in the Lantern Festival to let the public and tourists have a glimpse of the “Ding liu” mascot lovely style.In addition, the three regions of Shaanxi Lantern Festival food production and tasting, sweet and mellow taste, reunion and the meaning of the United States is loved by people.Xi ‘an press all media reporter Ceng Shixiang