Officially, Kim sun-dae and Ahn Hyun-soo returned to South Korea, but Ahn may return to China soon

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At present, the global sports event Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing.However, China’s short track speed skating team has completed the task of the competition.After completing all the competition tasks, The South Korean coach Of the Chinese short track speed skating team Jin Shantai and the Olympic gold 6 king an Hyun-soo bid farewell to the Chinese short track speed skating team and officially left China to return to Korea.For Technical coach Ahn Hyun-soo, who rose to fame during the Winter Olympics, his departure does not mean he will not coach China again.In his remarks before his departure, he actually hinted that he might return to China soon.In the winter Olympics at home, China’s short track speed skating team is actually shouldering great expectations of the Chinese people.On the one hand is at home competition, home advantage, and the strength of the Chinese team itself is not bad, in a number of projects have gold strength.On the other hand, it was helped by South Korean coach Kim Sun-tae and former South Korean Olympic champion Ahn Hyun-soo.South Korea’s short track speed skating team has a bad reputation, but it can not be denied that they do have a strong strength in this event.However, the Chinese short track speed skating team after the stunning opening stage, but into the trend of low.After beating Italy in the 2,000-meter mixed relay, China’s Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong took the gold and silver in the men’s 1,000-meter short track.Two gold MEDALS in hand, for a time to let the Chinese short track speed skating won more gold MEDALS full of confidence.But it was already the last highlight of the Games for China’s short track speed skating team, which went downhill until it was overtaken by South Korea to finish second in the event.However, Olympic gold king Ahn Hyun-soo has become popular in Korea during the Winter Olympics because of his unique experience, which also caused him to be subjected to crazy Internet violence in South Korea.The online abuse was not only directed at Ahn himself, but also at his wife and daughter, and some even threatened them.Even Ahn, who was not afraid, could not sit still.On the night Mr. Lim won the gold medal, Mr. Ahn pleaded in Korean with South Korean Internet users on social media to spare him and his family.Despite his poor condition, Ahn decided to return to Korea after the Olympics.After all, he was born in South Korea and his family lives there.However, the main reason for their departure is that their contracts have expired.According to related media reports, Kim and Ahn signed contracts until the end of February.There is no word on whether they will return to China.As the head coach of China national Team, Jin Shantai helped China win two gold MEDALS, one silver medal and one bronze medal in this Winter Olympic Games, which is not good, but not bad either.Whether he can continue to coach the Chinese team will definitely require a professional team to evaluate his coaching.As for Ahn Hyun-soo, as the technical coach of the Chinese team, he has played a lot of role in improving the overall strength of the Chinese team.As a new coach, coaching China is the beginning of his coaching career, he still has a deep affection for the Chinese team.It’s no surprise that he will be back in China in the near future, certainly not as the coach of the Chinese team.In an interview before he left China, Mr. Ahn offered two wishes.One wanted to bring her daughter to China, and the other wanted a jindundun.Judging by these two wishes, Ahn expects to return to China soon.This time, they may go back to make proper arrangements for their family affairs, after all, Internet abuse has a great impact on their normal life.After arranging these things, he will probably return to China with his wife and daughter.