It’s a team player, and iron head!Only bad official publicity, Taishan team signed forward Kresang

2022-07-30 0 By

Qilu evening News · Qilu one point reporter Ji Yu Guo Tianyu left, who will carry the taishan team forward banner?There may be an answer to that question.Brazilian striker Cresan has joined Shandong Taishan on a contract until December 31, 2024, the German transfer market website said on April 6.Cresan, 25, joined Portuguese side Santa Clara in 2019.He now has 14 goals and nine assists in 65 games for Santa Clara.Previously, the player himself has revealed the possibility of joining a Chinese Super League team.In Portugal super team, Cresan more as a wing, and in the side has not uncommon breakthrough ability.However, this 190 cm tall player, also has a good ability to contend for the top.This means, after slight transformation, he is expected to assume the role of high center in Taishan team.Taishan team is a consistent technical and tactical characteristics.At present, Guo Tianyu has left foreign Portugal super.At the same time Taishan team coach Hao Wei revealed in the interview, Moises basically has left the team.Cresan’s arrival, will have a very good complement to the team offensive end.It is worth mentioning that Cresan was a team player in Portugal super league, defensive contribution value is also very high.His team and defensive attributes will help him settle into the team quickly.Unsurprisingly, the Chinese Super League will start from the end of April to the beginning of May, leaving little time for foreign players to get in touch with their teams.In this context, Cresan’s individuality is especially valuable.At present, taishan team preparation work is in an orderly way.The team has been with Sun Zhuhao, Jadesong renewed the contract, Fellaini has arrived in China.In addition, Chen Pu also returned to taishan team, and hao Wei placed high hopes on.The arrival of Kresang, no doubt to strengthen the team on the front line of the “short board”, taishan team is also a key to prepare for the work.