How does Sansheng share claim?A group of investors received compensation payments

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Recently, Xie Baoping lawyer financial securities team acting 002742 Sansheng shares claims came good news, another group of investors to obtain compensation.On September 12, 2019, Sansheng Announced that it had received administrative punishment from the CSRC.It has been found that there are two major illegal facts: 1. Failure to timely disclose related party transactions in which Sansheng Shares provides funds to related parties through suppliers; 2.2. There are false records and major omissions in the semi-annual report of 2018 and the report of the third quarter of 2018 of Sansheng Shares.According to the Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court, the listed company is punished by the CSRC for illegal information disclosure, and the injured investors can Sue for compensation in accordance with the law, including investment balance, commission, stamp duty and interest loss.Since sansheng stock announcement by the SFC investigation, there have been investors to join the stock baoping network claim registration.After the CSRC issued the punishment decision to Sansheng, it officially started the investor claim lawsuit. Many investors have claimed for compensation. Chongqing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court of first instance ruled in favor of investors, and the court of first instance determined that there was no systemic risk, and some investors have settled and won compensation.At present, the limitation of claim for Sansheng shares has been less than 7 months, and investors who have not participated in the claim should pay attention to the limitation of claim.Xie Baoping’s legal team suggests that anyone who bought 002742 Sansheng shares between May 16, 2018 and March 29, 2019, and sold or continued to hold them after March 30, 2019 (including the date) (subject to the final determination of the court) can participate in the claim.The court follows the principle of “no lawsuit”, investors who have not yet claimed should take the initiative to participate in the claim, ordinary investors and institutional investors who meet the conditions of the claim can pay attention to the news of Xie Baoping’s lawyer team, so as not to miss the opportunity to claim.What is the stock claim process?Investors print statements and other materials → contact investors within one week after receiving materials → sign entrustment procedures → wait for a lawyer to Sue.Can you ask for compensation for mental damage?There is no legal basis for claiming damages for emotional distress and the claim would not be upheld in court.★ Is it better to sell stop loss now, or hold and wait, better?Sorry, we don’t offer investment advice.^^ Whether to sell or continue to hold, you can operate as needed, without too much consideration of the claim factor.What materials do I need to prepare to participate in the stock claim?1. Capital statement stamped by the Securities Business Department (the first purchase ~ the day of printing);2. Account inquiry confirmation form stamped by securities Business Department;3. Copy of id card;4. Your contact information and account number.