French uncle in Qingdao, love to eat dumplings packed by his mother-in-law!In the Chinese New Year for foreigners, this place of peace is my hometown

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Peninsula all media reporter Zhong Weili Zhang Wenyan

Shopping, paste the word “fu”, dumplings……Kong Dawei, from France, has been busy these days with his foreign friend and Chinese daughter-in-law.They have now integrated into the traditional Chinese family home, feeling the vivid Chinese New Year.”Talking, eating, having a good time.The Chinese culture is fascinating and I love living here.”Kong dawei said.The phrase “peace of mind is my hometown” is often used to describe how many foreigners feel about celebrating the Chinese New Year.Set up lanterns, cut paper-cuts, write Spring Festival couplets, weave Chinese knots, make dumplings, make tanghulu…These things that are common to Chinese people are new, fun, interesting and even mysterious to foreigners. In foreigners’ eyes, the “Chinese Year” is full of surprises.Dawei Kong, a Frenchman who has lived in Qingdao for more than 20 years, still looks forward to the traditional Chinese Spring Festival every year.Born in 1971, Kong studied Chinese history and culture.Stayed in China for more than 30 years, and married a daughter-in-law from Qingdao Taitung.Kong dawei can be said to be a complete China expert, even better than some Chinese folk culture.”I mainly studied the history of opium in China in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties.”Dawei said the surrounding people are surprised, did not expect that the predator in turn to learn this section of history.”When I came to China to study, I first went to Yunnan, but I didn’t feel the strong Chinese New Year atmosphere in Kunming, so I came to Qingdao by chance.I heard that Shandong is also the home of Confucius and Mencius, where Chinese culture originated, so I gave myself a surname, Kong.”David spent the first New Year’s Spring Festival in a bar. At that time, he learned how to make and eat dumplings as Chinese people do. Then he went to the street and set off firecrackers.”I knew how to use chopsticks when I was young. My grandma was with the Army in Vietnam, and she brought back many Asian gadgets, including chopsticks and mah-jongg, and I loved everything about China.”Too love the lively Spring Festival!This was Dawei’s first impression of the Spring Festival.People in the streets are busy, and red is the main color during this period.On the day of the interview, David wore a Chinese costume and a red scarf.Very New Year’s feeling.Dawei said he likes to wear Chinese clothes, very comfortable, plate buckle is also very novel.During the Spring Festival, Dawei thinks the most fun is visiting relatives, having dinner together and setting off firecrackers.”Nowadays Chinese young people are very negative about visiting relatives, but I really enjoy it so much that I don’t feel embarrassed at all.”Did not expect to come from France great actually like to go relatives this matter.The big wei that had married Qingdao daughter-in-law is also unavoidable during Spring Festival each family pays a New Year call naturally.”I think it’s a very interesting and heartwarming thing to visit each house and talk to each other.It is also a rare leisure time, which is not a custom in France.”There are also about the Chinese tradition of setting off firecrackers Dawei is also very rare.”During the Spring Festival, people go to a unified place to set off firecrackers. The more they set off, the more blessed they are.I like to be lucky. I lean forward. My fur was blown open once.”When he said this, David laughed with joy, you can see that the French David also likes to have a blessing.Every culture needs to preserve its main ritual and even the Great French can’t escape being called home by his mother-in-law for dumplings on holidays.”I love dumplings, but I can’t eat them every day!”David said with a smile.”Dumpling culture is Paramount in Chinese tradition. The face, skin and stuffing are made by the mother-in-law herself when she goes home.I also like to eat mackerel and yellow croaker, but my favorite is shepherd’s purse dumplings in spring.”China through Dawei did not expect is also a gourmet, the spring of fresh and tender shepherd’s purse dumplings who do not love it, also conquered the other side of the ocean foreigners’ stomach.”I can also practice Chinese characters now, although my writing is not good, but my name is not bad.””Dawei took a pen and began to write.”I also teach French to my child. Although I live in China now, I often took him back to France to visit and tell him about French customs before the epidemic.””My Chinese family is very inclusive,” David said. “We have always integrated with each other without imposing restrictions on me, which I am very grateful for. I have also adapted to some local customs.David told us that when he was a child in the 1970s and 1980s, he knew nothing about China or the Spring Festival.But after the 1990s, more and more foreigners like to celebrate Spring Festival.When the Spring Festival is approaching, red lanterns will be hung on the streets of France, and the festive atmosphere is permeated everywhere.”China is really getting better!”Dawei sighs.”The image we had of a backward China was fundamentally wrong.After coming to China, I know that China is very strong and advanced in science and technology. Take Qingdao for example.Even more avant-garde than most foreign cities.Come and don’t want to go.”David said with a smile.”I see Chinese women as capable, beautiful and decisive.Now THAT I’m married to a Chinese woman, I don’t want to leave even more.”David said earnestly.”I love China and I enjoy every Chinese year here.”Chinese Mr. Shang is celebrating New Year in New York, the atmosphere is very strong!”I miss my family and the taste of Chinese New Year…”With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger, some Chinese are unable to return home due to the epidemic.Mr Shang is one of them.He hasn’t returned to China for three years and didn’t even attend his only son’s wedding.”Every winter, the epidemic worsens, and this year I don’t have to go home for the Spring Festival…”Mr. Shang said with great regret.As the old saying goes, “Though liang Yuan is good, it will never be his native land.”Overseas, when your feet are on the ground but not on the ground, “you don’t feel like you belong,” he says. “That feeling of being afloat all the time makes you miss your homeland.Even though my house abroad is big, I still miss China because my roots are in China.”If on Chinese New Year, less parents, relatives, less Spring Festival party, less firecrackers on New Year’s Eve night, less red envelopes, less neighbors in the first month of the “Happy Chinese New Year” greetings to each other, what is the taste of the New Year?However, Mr. Shang is somewhat relieved that the atmosphere of Spring Festival in foreign countries is getting stronger and stronger.Not only the streets are all red, the Chinese area is a strong atmosphere.The World’s five continents Spring Festival Gala was also held in New York.Tong Xiangling, the actor of Yang Zirong in the national treasure level Peking Opera master the Taking of Tiger Mountain, MAO Shanyu, the famous Shanghai opera performing artist, Zhao Zhigang, the famous Yue Opera performing artist, the world-class Western jazz master and famous artists from five continents gathered together to perform in Yuntai.For the wanderer in a foreign land, it is also a comfort.Alice, a neighbor from the United States, is also very fond of “joining in the fun”. She has booked the Spring Festival reunion dinner at Mr. Shang’s house in advance, and bought a cheongsam to participate in the fun.Mr. Shang told us that foreigners still don’t seem to understand the meaning of Spring Festival, which means family reunion, and actively want to participate in the Atmosphere of The Chinese New Year, which seems to be a new fashion.Temple fairs with a Strong Chinese flavor are particularly popular in the United States.Many Americans say they are willing to embrace Chinese culture.New York’s Empire State Building in January, New York’s Empire State Building in the lobby of the first floor of a number of Windows in the official lunar New Year-themed pop-up window displays.And in recent years, many cities in Europe and the United States have included the Chinese Lunar New Year as a public holiday.New York has made Spring Festival a public holiday since 2003.The Chinese New Year has become a festival that no one can afford to ignore.Kevin Rudd, the former Australian prime minister, will greet Chinese New Year with a well-spoken Mandarin.It has been more than a decade since the Presidents of the United States and the Prime minister of Canada sent letters of congratulation to The Chinese people. The letters were longer and more touching each time.Livingstone, a former Mayor of London, said China is attracting the attention of the world and more and more national and local governments are actively expanding their contacts with China.Now, the Chinese New Year is gradually becoming a beautiful scenery in the world’s cultural pulse.Globalization is deepening, the global village is taking shape at a faster pace, and the world is becoming more diversified.While Chinese people are gradually accepting western Christmas and Thanksgiving, the world is becoming more and more open to Chinese culture.As a window and pioneer of spreading Chinese culture, the Chinese New Year brings joy and new experiences to people around the world with its own unique charm.Chinese New Year culture, is a family culture, a culture of reunion, a culture of harmony.As the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Chinese New Year is going abroad and entering the lives of foreigners, showing the influence of Chinese culture and economy.Nowadays, the Celebration of The Spring Festival is becoming more and more popular in the world. The Spring Festival has become an important symbol of carrying and spreading Chinese culture.The positive significance of the Spring Festival, such as family reunion, makes it easy for foreigners to accept. The popularity of the Spring Festival brings positive significance for establishing a positive national image of China.