All the teachers and students of Xinchengzi Street No. 2 Primary School Education Group are happy New Year to you

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Tiger pentium open scenery, spring breeze grand exhibition.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the New Year, Principal Li Yanling and all the teachers and students of Xinchengzi Street No. 2 Primary School Education Group would like to extend their best wishes for the Spring Festival!I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the friends from all walks of life who have been caring for, supporting and helping the construction and development of our university for a long time.The time sequence changes and everything is renewed.Solemn growth rings record the glory of history, the birth of a hundred years records the mark of steps, looking back at the road, our thoughts fly, filled with emotion.This year, across the country, there are always some outstanding people with their own light, shocking hearts;This year, there are always some scenes on campus moving, feeling in love;This year, there are always some growth awakening feelings, amazing eyeballs!2021 marks the centenary of the founding of the CPC and the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan.Study thorough development history of the party over the past year, school education, the full implementation of khalid ents fundamental task, to overcome the outbreak, practical, pioneering spirit, help shen north “happy education” brand building, to promote our work ShuangJian mass transfer efficiency, focusing on the revitalization of new breakthroughs be pioneer era, various undertakings have made great progress, “difference” to achieve good start,It has made a great contribution in the grand journey of education that satisfies the people.The heart of muduo element of track to 2021, xinghan is brilliant in the happy shore head watch 2021, but also all two small people do not fear the challenge, solid forge ahead of the year, the campus of too much of the most beautiful moment: three feet on the platform of the earnest teachings, the office of the long bright lights, lights dim silently adhere to……It is hard to show courage and perseverance, and to achieve success through perseverance. Facing the education cause we love and strive for, as teachers of the people, we work hard and forge ahead.Take history as a mirror to create a new chapter 2022, happiness education bloom with the most beautiful attitude look up at the sky, endless exploration;Looking ahead, there is no end to the struggle.On the occasion of the bell ringing in the Year of Yin tiger, let us bless our great motherland with peace and prosperity.Blessing xinchengzi Street second primary school kuibu qianli, string song ceaseless!Wish all teachers and students, parents and friends from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of the school a happy and prosperous New Year!