Which is more harmful, washing your hair in the morning or at night?Why does the more you wash your hair, the more it comes out?Quick look at

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Hair refers to hair growing on the head.Hair is not an organ, so it does not contain nerves or blood vessels, but cells.Hair is mainly used to protect the head.Soft, fluffy hair is elastic, resists lighter shocks and helps evaporate sweat from the head.Thick hair helps protect the scalp and enhances your appearance and temperament.But many people, including many young people, experience a lot of hair loss during their lives. Why is hair loss getting worse?Case: Xiaomei is a girl who loves beauty very much. Since she started working, she pays more attention to her image and temperament.She used to go home at night, eat dinner and wash her hair before going to bed, but after a while she noticed that her hair was getting worse and worse, and even the next day it was very oily.After shampoo everyday, the hair hurts bigger, break hair more and more serious.Small beauty on the Internet to query the relevant knowledge, some people say that can not wash hair at night, some people say that can not wash hair in the morning, and some people say that every day to wash hair hair more and more love oil, but also aggravate hair loss, long dandruff and other situations.Should I wash my hair in the morning or at night?How can I improve the problem of oily hair and massive hair loss?Let’s find out.Which is more harmful, washing your hair in the morning or at night?Should shampoo choose auspicious moment?Shampoo this matter seems to be very simple, in fact there are some exquisite.Of course, some people used to wash their hair in the morning, and some people used to wash their hair in the evening, morning and evening, what is more particular about?When you get up in the morning, the blood circulation has not returned to the normal level, and the blood flow is slow. At this time, the hair washing water will stimulate the scalp, which will accelerate the blood flow to the brain, causing dizziness, headache and other problems.But there’s no scientific basis for this, and washing your hair in the morning can be avoided as long as you don’t wash your hair with too cold or too hot water.After getting up, brush your teeth and wash your face first, and then wash your hair after the blood gradually warms up and the daily level is restored. After the water temperature is controlled at 40℃, it is more suitable for washing your hair. Be sure to dry your hair with a hair dryer.When you wash your hair at night, the moisture in the scalp pores is not completely volatilized, which is easy to cause chronic headache and cold. Some people think that when you wash your hair at night, the temperature is relatively low, which will eliminate Yang qi in the body, lead to the invasion of wet and cold gas, and increase the risk of catching a cold.But as long as you can make sure that you don’t wash your hair too late, that the water temperature is right, and that you dry your hair before going to bed, you won’t have a headache or a cold.Some people always wait until just before bed to wash their hair. Leaving wet hair unblow-dried can disrupt sleep and increase the risk of catching a cold.Why do you wash it every day and your hair is still greasy?Some people complain that they wash their hair every day, but it still gets greasy and gives them a scruffy look.Obviously only washed in the morning, out of the door on the afternoon of oil, look dirty.Why do some people wash their hair every day and their hair is still greasy?In the final analysis, essentially or scalp this “soil” problems.The first is scalp properties.The scalp of the person basically cent is oily, neuter, dry sex.Shampoo the next day, can observe the hair root more obvious oily dirt or scalp itching, so, basic can judge for oily scalp.The second is staying up late, love to eat high oil food and other bad habits.Many people find that if they stay up late the night before, their hair will be greasy the next day.The oil or dryness of the scalp depends mainly on the sebaceous glands in the scalp.Bad living, eating habits, and stress can stimulate the sebaceous glands and increase their secretion.The third is androgen levels.The degree of sebaceous gland secretion is also related to hormone levels, especially androgen levels.Therefore, relatively speaking, the male in the development process, menstrual period or the female hair in pregnancy is easy to produce oil.Oil secretion is prone to bacteria or fungi, such as Malassezia, which is likely to cause local seborrheic dermatitis, causing problems such as dandruff and acne, affecting the scalp environment.Why do you wash your hair more and more?This is one of the reasons why so many people lose a lot of their hair when they wash it.Shampoo directly besmear on the head this kind of practice can lead to loose hair root, over time can cause abnormal hair loss, before washing hair should be combed with a comb, and then rinse with water, eliminate dust and scalp, shampoo poured on the hand after kneading a foam daub on the scalp, cleaning effect is more ideal.Many people wash their hair with shampoo and conditioner first, but if your hair is dry, apply a little conditioner first, rinse well, and then shampoo. This helps protect the cuticle of your hair and prevents it from cracking and peeling.It is important to note that you still need to use conditioner after shampoo.Don’t dry your hair before applying conditioner After washing your hair, you should towel dry your hair before applying conditioner, otherwise moisture will affect the absorption of conditioner and weaken its efficacy.A lot of people think that the longer the time that the conditioner stays on the hair, the better the effect is. Actually, the longer the daub will not improve the absorption effect of the conditioner, but will make the conditioner adhere to the hair, and it is easy to destroy the cuticle of the hair when cleaning, and even cause hair loss.It is recommended that conditioner should not be applied for more than 10 minutes.Hair conditioner is different from shampoo. It is only for the hair. If it is applied to the scalp, once it remains, it is easy to block the hair follicles and cause hair loss.Apply conditioner at least 1-2 cm away from the hair root.Don’t wash conditioner thoroughly If the conditioner remains in the sun, it may cause discoloration.It is recommended to rinse with warm water after applying conditioner.If you let the hair dry naturally, the hair cuticle has been open in the process, easy to be contaminated with dust and other dirty things in the air.Usable hairdryer sirocco gear blows dry hair surface moisture rapidly, reoccupy cool wind gear blows for a while, make corneous layer is closed.How often is the best way to wash your hair?Everyone should according to his hair quality, as well as the different season and activity space, choose the number of shampoo every week.Oily hair: if in summer or oily hair, due to strong sebum excretion, greasy thick hair condensation, easy to knot, not smooth, so summer and oily hair, should wash hair 1 times a day, in order to ensure clean and healthy hair.Neutral or dry hair: Clean your hair every 2 days or every 3 days.If the temperature rises or people often exercise outdoors, their hair is vulnerable to strong ultraviolet rays and dust in the air. In order to avoid hair damage, it is advisable to wash your hair every day.Alopecia patients: unless it is a person with a strong oil sex, otherwise it is recommended to reduce the number of hair washing, there are two reasons, one is alopecia itself in the regression and resting period of hair a large number, too much hair washing will let them drop faster, psychological pressure;The hair of the second alopecia patient is more fragile, and it is easy to break hair in the process of shampoo.Seborrheic alopecia patients, can wash a head 2 days, common hair loss patients, 3~4 days to wash a head is also possible.Wash your hair in winter 1-2 times less than in summer.If you wash your hair every day, you can reduce the amount of shampoo or use shampoo every other day to reduce the damage to your hair.Extension — what should old people pay attention to when washing their hair?1, the water temperature should be suitable for the elderly scalp is more sensitive to temperature stimulation, overheating will stimulate human blood vessels, causing abnormal vasoconstriction.Elderly people with diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis should be especially careful.Wash hair with cold water for a long time, the nerve line that can make head cannot stand stimulation, and can produce the phenomenon that has a headache, giddy.Water temperature is too hot, easy injury hair, bring about scald.The water temperature of shampoo is about 40℃.This temperature can have clean scalp and hair, improve scalp blood circulation, eliminate fatigue and so on.The old man used to wash his hair after getting up in the morning, and then go to exercise downstairs.Others wash their hair before going to bed at night and fall asleep with wet hair.None of these habits are good.When the temperature is lower in the morning, wet hair dries more slowly and is covered with moisture, which can easily lead to headaches.Falling asleep with wet hair and sleepiness can lead to waking up groggy, headache and fatigue the next day.Because the person is in morpheus state, head blood supply is slow, wet hair can let head heat be carried away by moisture.Shampoo had better choose the time with stable temperature during the day, or it is the rest time after supper, but the distance does not fall asleep time too short.Dry your hair quickly after shampooing or blow dry it with a hair dryer.3. Don’t tilt your head back When you wash your hair at the salon, you always lean back.Some old people also use same shampoo posture, think so safe and comfortable.There are significant health risks.Washing your hair backwards is likely to cause stroke in the elderly.Because lying on your back causes certain pressure on the vertebral artery of the head, it directly affects the blood supply to the brain. Over time, it will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in dizziness, nausea, unstable standing and other symptoms.Old friends with hypertension and cervical spondylosis should not wash their hair.It is safer for older people to adopt the traditional bow position of leaning forward.But hypertensive patient should avoid too long bow, the upright shampoo posture when shower is more appropriate.Guide to Summer Regimen