Tso’s wisdom of life

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Is better than life on earth will you learn zuo zongtang nonyl Yin February 28, editor: cloud culture surd cloud music: empty of rain, guqin static XinChan sound | calm mind Heard that he is the late qing dynasty science nature, lived through the taiping heavenly kingdom, to recover xinjiang, the westernization movement, and other important events, liang qichao said he was “five hundred years of the first great man”, he zuo zongtang.Zuo Zongtang military horse life, although to the status of civil servant, but knowledgeable.Life in the world is not satisfactory, I wish you to learn from Zuo Zongtang, these classic words are still instructive today.Send the best wishes, tie the middle edge, enjoy the lower blessing;Choose high, sit flat, to the wide line.This is a couplet by Tso Zongtang.Li Ka-shing, the richest man, also likes the couplets and hangs them in his Office in Hong Kong.”Send the best wishes, knot the middle edge, enjoy the lower fortune”, it is said that people should be ambitious, only the middle fate, lead the life of ordinary people.”Choose a high place to stand, sit on the flat place, and move toward the broad place.” It means to look at problems with a high vision, to approach the world with a low profile, and to leave room for things.These two words are also very instructive to the lives of ordinary people.Only with great ambition can one have the power to move forward. The ancients said that if one has no ambition and no goal, one can muddle along and achieve nothing.Life is not perfect, a little regret is normal, people should be content, understand tolerance.True iron man who can be tempered by heaven, not envied by others is mediocrity.People’s life always has to go through a lot of tribulations and setbacks, only through these hardships to gain the true sense of maturity.Do not flinch in the face of difficulties, to have the spirit of the more frustrated more brave.Suffering and frustration is a treasure of life, but also a required course of life.Different people will have different views from different standpoint, no matter what you do, it is impossible to satisfy everyone.In life, we often face a lot of gossip and criticism, as long as you do not do wrong, you should stick to your position and do it with all your heart.The value of a person is not to rest on the praise or criticism of others, don’t care too much about what they say, just do your best to live.▲ Lotus Pond moonlight tea plate series lotus leaf plate, bamboo high foot plate click the picture to view – 03 – good cheap, can not make money with;Do not deal with doubters.Money dealings with people who are always on the cheap are unpleasant, and working with people who are suspicious is not productive.As we say, many friends, many paths.It is true that people should make friends widely, but there are many kinds of friends, in the process of making friends to choose more.”Peng sheng ma, do not help but straight;White sand in nirvana, with all black.”We are subtly influenced by the people around us, and it is important to choose a clean circle of friends.Don’t be bullied when you’re down and out;The day of the apprentice, not to be envied.People should keep their personal dignity in adversity, and keep a low profile and be generous to others in prosperity.One should have a bottom line and not lose one’s principles in pursuit of material desires.Mencius said, “Poverty and base should not be changed, and power and force should not be compromised.” Even in difficulties, we should maintain our due personality strength.The attitude towards people who are not as good as themselves can best reflect a person’s cultivation and character.Don’t condescend to people who are worse off than you in one area. Know that everyone has strengths and weaknesses.Reading unseen is like a friend;Reading a book is like meeting an old friend.Reading is to make friends with writers. In the process of reading, people can not only increase their knowledge but also improve their thinking ability.Read a hundred times, its meaning from see.Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.Reading plays an important role in shaping our outlook on life, values and world outlook.It is better to be too frugal with oneself than too generous with others.Everything is simple and can not be used.The way to cherish happiness is the way to protect the family.He would rather be too frugal with his own living expenses;Prefer to be generous to others.Frugality is the way to cultivate one’s morality and keep one’s family.Zuo zongtang believed that “only frugality can be widely beneficial”. He not only lived frugally himself, but also strictly required his children to be frugal and not extravagant in life.No one can stand without frugality, and no family can prosper without frugality.With the wealth of material life, in life, “face consumption”, “show off consumption” and other extravagant waste phenomenon everywhere.This view of consumption not only causes a waste of resources but also makes people lose themselves in the wind of extravagance and lack of ambition.Learn to lose when you work with people.Let bank for life, do not lose a section.This is a line from Zuo Zongtang’s Answer to Zhang Lang Zhai.No one likes to be wronged, but life always makes you wronged.The value of being a man lies in his willingness to suffer losses.”Vegetable root tan” said “the world deficit is a blessing, human light beginning long”, you eat a little deficit first, then there will be a blessing.Working with others and taking a bite out of your own pocket can often solve tough problems.If two people go head to head with each other, neither of them is willing to lose, and cooperation naturally cannot begin.Losing is a hidden investment.In communication and business, he who takes advantage of everything will sooner or later become a loner.Timely eat some losses, in order to return for more returns.Be careful with your friends and study hard;Benedict root, to flashy.To be a man of good character is to do these things.Be careful of your friends and work hard.A man should be steadfast, not opportunistic.Overambitious, with impetuous mood to do things, will only be a mess.Only by starting from little things and abandoning impetuous mentality can we continuously improve our ability in basic work and accumulate strength for future development.There is no overnight success in the world, the road to success is one step at a time.If you don’t work hard, you won’t succeed even if you meet more people and better opportunities.Source: Shuiyushanfang