The original imported, Benz new generation station wagon, standard with 9AT light mix, chassis raised 40mm

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Preface:Though wagon market is a niche market, but it’s also automakers importance, especially in BBA luxury brand, they all have cars in the high-end wagon layout, some and not to enter the domestic market, so many consumers are not clear, the audi in BBA is most keen to introduce the wagon into the domestic market,There are entry-level Audi A4 Avant, and the top Audi RS6 Avant, compared to Mercedes and BMW is more low-key, BMW once introduced 5 series travel, but due to the sales volume has stopped production, the new BMW 3 series travel version has been sold abroad, but not introduced into China.The introduction of the original import, Benz new generation station wagon, standard with 9AT light mix, chassis raised 40mm!And connect down to want introduction of is the mercedes-benz family station wagon: mercedes-benz c-class travel, now the car is for sale, but as a result of the new c-class listed, so that a new generation of c-class station wagon is already produced, put on a new look and interior, and improve the power system, or will be in the form of the original imported into the country, it is a fan of crock of the Gospel.From the front, the design is 100% the same as the new C-Class, which is not surprising. The Audi A4 Avant also has the same design style as the A4L’s front, becoming more sporty and more angular, which means that the s-class design language comes down, but slightly stingy.The net design of flat three-fork star grain is advanced feeling is very strong, the grid design of the bottom becomes more exaggerated again, do not break motion breath.In terms of lighting, Mercedes-benz has always been good. The headlamps are equipped with the same S-class Digital Light Digital lighting system. Each lamp group integrates three LED modules, which is full of scientific sense and first-class lighting effect.The chassis is about 40mm higher than the C-class sedan, so the new car has better passability and can handle more complicated road conditions.And of course as to the design, Benz takes the design of station wagon has a hand, it can design the kind of elegant feeling more, the streamline feeling that the line draws the outline is very strong, also be an appearance level station wagon.Wheels used to be the main AMG sports hub, now replaced by a dynamic star hub design, more dense spokes luxury sense is stronger, slightly lower sports atmosphere, but it is very suitable to match.Tail style simple atmosphere, taillight design is more beautiful, the visual effect is very coordinated.No one can refuse Mercedes interior, from the entry level A class, to the top Maybach S class, their interior is full of significance, in the same class is the benchmark level of existence.The all-new C-Class Travel version also keeps up with the design, adopting the same style as the C-Class sedan, which is consistent with the S-Class.The overall center console is tilted towards the driver at an Angle of 6 degrees, so it can bring more convenient operation.Of course, the biggest attraction is the sense of science and technology, which can be said that Mercedes-benz knows whether it has a hand. The size of the central control screen reaches 11.9 inches, which is placed in suspension, and the display effect of the screen is very good. The latest generation OF MBUX system is built in, and the on-board interactive multimedia system has comprehensive functions and a good sense of feedback.The full LCD meter is the same size as the S-class, but it is not known whether it will continue to be equipped with face detection cameras and openeye 3D features.Say station wagon high usability, it is really such, it is mainly reflected in trunk space, the new c-class station wagon trunk can see considerable depth, there are more than the sedan version installed, and the second row seat down flat support, thus realize the so-called high practicability, but on the second row space, is not as good as an extended version of the c-class,Legroom is noticeably more cramped, but still provides good ride comfort.And in terms of configuration will be similar to the domestic C-class car, so the configuration will be relatively rich, of course, also provide some imported version of the unique equipment.In terms of power, Mercedes Benz brand new generation C-class station wagon will also be equipped with 1.5T supercharged engine and 2.0t supercharged engine, both of which are supported by 48V micromixing system and matched with 9-speed hand self-integrated transmission.The 1.5-ton + 48-volt light hybrid system has a maximum power of 204 HP and a peak torque of 300 N · m, which is not bad. Of course, the 2.0-ton engine is more powerful for better acceleration, and the overseas version also has the Mercedes-benz C300d Estate with a 265 HP diesel engine.Finally, C level of new change, means that a new generation of c-class station wagon came also, this car to see the new design is complete and the c-class is the same, more important is it still has the vehicle imported quality, power system less attractive, but have to watch for the diesel engine is not to introduce a batch of domestic assembly, do you think of new generation of class C trip?