My New Year’s Eve Dinner

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Since my daughter settled in Toronto, I have come to Toronto almost every summer vacation since 2010.In late 2019, my husband and I came here for our first winter visit to see the snow in Toronto and celebrate the reunion with our daughter and son-in-law.But when the epidemic hit, traffic was disrupted and our original plan was disrupted. We spent three Chinese New Year in Toronto.Get a taste of what it’s like to spend the New Year in Toronto.Three “New Year’s Eve dinner” in three years, do not think since unforgettable.On New Year’s Eve, January 24, 2020, the four of us had our first reunion dinner in Toronto.We decided to try New Year’s Eve dinner at a Cantonese Chinese restaurant near our home and invited one of our daughter’s best friends to join us.At the time, Toronto was still in the early stages of the epidemic, and the government had not yet issued any bans.That night, the restaurant was full of Chinese people gathered together with laughter and a strong flavor of the New Year. Up to now, such a lively scene has never been reproduced.That day we ordered a “five blessings” package, including five hot dishes, a dessert and wine, for a total of 478.22 Canadian dollars after tax.The food tastes good, but the fish is too rich and the vegetables are not enough. The leftovers are packed and not wasted.See the picture for the dishes. Look, it looks good.We had dinner at home in 2021, when Toronto was in its second lockdown, banning restaurant meals.We ordered a few deli takeaways and I cooked the rest.It is worth mentioning that I stewed “steller’s chicken”, which is a traditional famous dish listed in the intangible cultural heritage list of Shandong Province.My ancestral home is In Shandong Boxing, which is the delicious food of my childhood.My son-in-law is from Taiwan and has settled in Canada since childhood. He doesn’t know what a tiger chicken is.That day we ate and told him the story of the steller’s chicken, which was both delicious and informative.By the way, at the end of 2021, I won the only first prize in the “First Toronto Family Food Talent Competition” held by the Canadian Veteran’s Association with this steller’s chicken, which was reported by more than 10 Chinese media in Canada.See the pictures for the dishes for the second Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner.This year’s New Year’s Eve dinner is of special significance. We had our new grandson Niuniu, just over 100 days ago.The New Year’s Eve dinner must be exquisite.My daughter was distressed that I was too tired to cook, so she compared recipes from several restaurants on the Internet and chose a set meal of 208 Canadian dollars (pre-tax), named “Qianlong Fu Hu”.Dishes include: Suckling pig pieces (with jellyfish), braised crab wings with jelly sauce, Oyster Emperor’s original abalone braised with jelly sauce (4 pieces), red wine beef ribs, steamed Lobster with golden garlic and silver slices (1 pound and a half), steamed green spot fish with scallion oil, white rice with thin rice.I’ll fill the table with a few side dishes.We are tianjin people, New Year’s Eve dinner is indispensable dumplings, the whole family together package pork three fresh leek dumplings.This year, I did not pack “Jin Gourmet food”, which is unique to Tianjin, with too many ingredients, because I was too busy to take care of the baby.The steaming dumplings were served with laba garlic marinated in tianjin vinegar a year ago, refreshing and green.Holding a small grandson over the year, a word: the United States.Under the epidemic, our three New Year’s eve dinners in three years are really unusual and unforgettable.Toronto has been nicknamed “Kaifeng Fu” because of the five times the city has been shut down.People take it for granted, their daily life goes on as before, and it doesn’t affect them much.By coincidence or design, the local government announced the city’s fifth lockdown until January 31st, timed to coincide with New Year’s Eve.At any rate, this is hopeful good news.To be honest, no matter how sumptuous the dinner is, the flavor of the New Year overseas is not as good as that of home.But as the old saying goes, this place of peace is my home.Home is where the child is.What is the New Year, in fact, is family and reunion;What is the flavor of the New Year? The whole family can sit together, talking and laughing, and make dumplings for dinner. This is the flavor of the New Year.