Liver disease “hair” may have been found out, the doctor suggests: liver is not quite good people eat as little as possible

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The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, and it is responsible for helping the body detoxify metabolism. However, because the pain nerve on the liver is not dense, and the bad liver is also greatly related to the usual diet, smoking, drinking and overeating for a long time, the liver has been greatly harmed.Once the disease of the liver is diagnosed, most of them are in the middle or late stage, and the possibility of being completely cured is very small.If you want to curing liver, must pay more attention on diet, must develop a good eating habits, switch is very powerful, but also is very delicate eat something, they may also indirect harm to the health of the liver of garlic is liver disease is said to be hair content, taste is very spicy, garlic also contains a lot of spicy element,And it’s not good for repairing damaged liver cells.People have been emphasizing that nourishing the liver is equal to nourishing life, which shows how high the status of the liver is in the viscera. Compared with garlic, these foods or ingredients are the real causes of liver disease.One, liver disease has been found to be not garlic, doctors suggest that people with bad liver eat as little as possible 1.Alcohol alcohol liver disease is the enemy of, because the main component is ethanol in wine ethanol in the liver area will be transformed into acetaldehyde, is has a lot of damage to stem cells, leads to liver cell necrosis so be sure to stay away from alcohol, or it will make the illness repeatedly, the home is likely to increase the risk of suffering from cancer of the liver.2. It has been widely spread in folk that the viscera of animals can be replenished by eating what they eat. For example, there is no scientific basis for boys with poor kidneys to replenish their kidneys, and after suffering from liver diseases, they must avoid eating animal liver.Animal internal organs is to belong to high cholesterol, high purine food, and contains a large number of copper after suffering from liver disease, liver function is not complete, and no way to maintain the balance of copper ions in the body, excessive intake of copper element, can lead to liver burden, also can aggravate the consumption too much vision, which can cause anemia.3. The mould is the two bad food spring and summer season, it’s easy to let food gone mouldy, and shelf life is short, gone mouldy food is easy to breeding large that instead of carcinogenic aflatoxin and time only need 24 words food once gone mouldy, please immediately to lose, don’t continue to eat again.These foods like some peanuts pachyrhizus placed too long, after internal will produce toxins, has gone mouldy after can not eat again, like all kinds of edible oil open cannot be stored for a long period of time, after must be finished within three months, if there are other taste also can’t continue to eat this will lead to increase the risk of suffering from stomach cancer or colorectal cancer.2. Early liver disease symptoms mainly include the following: 1. Symptoms of cough, runny nose and weakness 2.Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach pain 3. Bleeding gums, bleeding in the digestive tract, and a tendency to bleed 4.Can cause jaundice easily, the skin is yellowing, the color of urine also can deepen gradually three, suffer from liver disease daily need to pay more attention to what?1 must develop the good habit of drinking more water is the source of our life, drink more water can also supplement the body needs water, can promote the blood circulation in the body, accelerate the body’s metabolism can also help digest food discharged from the body’s garbage and toxins, reduce the burden of liver operation.2. Keep a balanced in everyday life, be sure to keep a balanced and reasonable collocation food, eat more fruit and vegetables, such ability can let the body more healthy, don’t eat too spicy stimulate food, too much greasy food, like some Fried chicken fillet, Fried chicken burger, the Fried food must not eat or eat less.3. Avoid staying up late, be sure to have regular work and rest in daily life do not stay up late to sleep because of the pressure of life and family, insomnia must be relaxed, be sure to go to bed before 11 o ‘clock, so that the liver cells in our body can get enough recovery time can also reduce the burden of the liver,When the body falls asleep, its organs rest, and if it stays up late, its organs work overtime, which increases the burden on the liver.Conclusion: if you want to feed the team, we must stay up less, regular work and rest, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, so that they are healthy, so as to protect the liver in our body.