Dalian, Liaoning: Relying on the Office of Investigation Supervision and Cooperation, the remote demonstration system was developed

2022-07-29 0 By

Recently, the second edition of Procuratorial Daily published an article titled “Evidence involved in the case appears in court through Air in Dalian, Liaoning Province: The Entrusted Investigation Supervision and Cooperation Office develops a remote demonstration system”. The article reads as follows:Relying on the Investigation Supervision and Cooperation Office to develop the remote demonstration system Zhang Yuhong, Dou Xiaofeng, Yang Qianchun “Next, the public prosecutor presents the material evidence involved in the case to the court…”A knife-wielding robbery case was heard at the Ganjingzi District Court in Dalian, Liaoning Province.In the trial evidence link, the prosecutor in charge of the case through the RFID remote identification system, as evidence of the knife and robbed mobile phone in the form of live show to the court for evidence.The live broadcast of the remote evidence system is clear, realizing the synchronous display and panoramic display of evidence, and the real-time interaction of remote images, instructions and the trial has a very real sense of the scene and experience.There are some prominent problems in the traditional court hearing, such as the separation of the custody place of the evidence and the trial place, the inconvenient access of the artificial evidence of the procuratorial organ, and the insecurity of transportation.To reduce the procuratorial examination link and court trial link resources input and material evidence evidence contamination risk, such as the beginning of 2022, dalian municipal people’s procuratorate was seated with procuratorate integration linkage, with the new two-stage investigation supervision and coordination with the office as a platform, law enforcement and case was seated on the public security bureau management center items involved multidimensional management pattern,Together with the public security organs and information technology companies, the company jointly developed the “RFID remote demonstration system” for the material evidence involved in the case, which was also the first remote demonstration system for the procuratorial organs in Liaoning Province.Relying on the accurate correspondence mode of electronic data, the system realizes the remote visual display and informatization application of the material evidence of the case uniformly kept by the public security organs through modern technological means.The system consists of THREE parts: RFID management application, holography demonstration area and artificial intelligence assistance.RFID management application, through one item one code management, to achieve accurate positioning of items and inbound and outbound sensing monitoring, to ensure the blocking isolation custody of the material evidence involved;The holography demonstration area has realized the electronic data transformation of the physical objects, ensuring the consistency, visualization and panorama of the remote display mode of the involved material evidence and the physical content;Artificial intelligence auxiliary With the deep integration of artificial intelligence and storage, access, display, through access robot, automatic stacker and other intelligent auxiliary equipment, to achieve unmanned access to items, to ensure the accuracy of the extraction and presentation of evidence involved in the case.According to the introduction, the system provides high-speed and stable technical support for the court scene, so that the material evidence involved in the centralized custody process can guarantee the court proof without leaving home.