Zhangzhuang Village, Sandu Town, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City: “far education +” enables rural revitalization

2022-07-28 0 By

Features: since 2021, the city of bozhou qiaocheng district town of sand ZhangZhuang Village remote education resources, give full play to party members adhere to the “to promote the use, in order to use for this”, promote the remote education and talent training, raising industry development effect, create effective combination, such as building far with the new teaching mode, and for rural revitalization of fu can effect.”Far education + skills training”, so that the team strong.Focus on key work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and strive to serve the overall situation.Relying on the distance education platform for Party members, we organized 15 special trainings on e-commerce logistics and pesticide spraying, benefiting nearly 300 Party members and officials.Adhering to the working concept of “what is missing makes up for what is missing”, through the combination of online viewing and offline practice, we have cultivated six new local talents, added two new industries, and continuously expanded the agricultural technical team at the grass-roots level to provide solid talent support for rural revitalization.”Further education + industrial development”, let the income rise.Centering on the advantages of tundra, chrysanthemum, medicinal materials and other industries in the village, the content of distance education services should be optimized, the learning and application mode of “distance education + cooperative + demonstration household” should be established, and the grass-roots party members should be guided to play a vanguard role and lead the surrounding people to get rich together.We will give full play to the role of wancun website, yuanjiao website and Yuanjiao Cultural square, publicize agricultural policy, market information and other agriculture-related information as soon as possible, and guide farmers to adjust their industrial structure and change their business model in a timely manner.At the same time, the organization of agricultural technology commissioners, large farmers to carry out on-site training 20 times, to provide “remote education method” for the industrial development in the village.”Far education + civilization creation”, so that the quality of excellence.Keep up with the pace of urban civilization construction, target the main groups, select the broadcast list, targeted broadcast public welfare films such as living environment improvement, beautiful countryside construction.Organize remote education site administrators, party members and volunteers to distribute brochures to create civilized cities in places with large population flow in the village, and actively create a strong atmosphere of “advocating civilization and creating new wind”.At the same time, actively incubated folk art teams and volunteer service teams, relying on the Yuanjiao Cultural Square to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities more than 30 times, effectively enrich the people’s amateur cultural life.(Xie Qiang, Chen Delan)