The world is real!A man lies down for 5 hours before his wife sews him onto the couch

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Unable to see the morning rainbow, the sleepers could only stand in front of the window staring into the sunset glow.A woman in Weihai, Shandong province, sewed her clothes with a needle and thread while her husband fell asleep on the sofa.She said her husband said he could stay on the sofa for more than five hours, except for eating and sleeping. She then sewed his legs and half of his body to the sofa as a trick.Rong posted her spoof video on social media, where many netizens praised her “dexterity”, while others shared their sympathy: “Husbands all over the world are probably the same. All they do is eat and sleep.”His son then joined in the prank, with the pair painting his nails with markers.Ms. Rong said her husband was good-natured and woke up to find himself stitched. He was confused at first but not angry.Later, seeing his wife and children beside him, he also laughed together, adding a bit of fun to the boring domestic life.Home isolation is a great test for every member of the family.Without the saying “go out to work and fight for your family”, there is no place to hide at home. You feel at a loss and want to be lazy, but your every move has already been observed by your partner.Going out for exercise has become a “luxury” amid the pandemic.Most people stay at home watching TV, binge-watching dramas, eating snacks…Belly meat is more and more, the body is more and more “lazy”.It is common to find people with large waists, hips and thighs due to lack of exercise, who are at higher risk of cancer.I don’t know what tomorrow will bring today, but I own my body and my emotions.During the period of staying at home, you can choose the exercise video course suitable for your age and physical characteristics through the exercise software.Conditional word, still can decorate simple table tennis stage to undertake competition.Young couple at home, can do housework together, play chess, electronic interactive games and so on.No matter what kind of exercise you do, you should always remember to protect yourself. I hope you can reduce going out and do a good job of protection while improving your physical fitness.Source: