Love me one more time, please

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I do not know when to let miss become a habit, I do not know where to let miss become a part of life.To know, not everyone can walk into my heart at any time, let the mind speak for me, let the past stay for me, let the scenery of the past, take away the sorrow of life.Perhaps, everyone to the time to leave, is no beckoning, the corners of the mouth said to you: the road can only go by yourself, no one to accompany you to the end.Life is a guest, the so-called guest on the guest, after all, is passing.Just a ride, with my life, but let me miss forever.I always remember the words said, listen to the words left, let oneself in the later life, life, the journey of life will be those life in the past, all buried in the heart.Love, is said not over sad;Think, is the heart of unspeakable pain;Love is the heart of endless tired.Some people say, forget the time or will forget, but it is a kindness;The time to put or will put, but it is a feeling.The truth of life is: someone can teach you how to speak, learn to understand what to do, know who should know.Therefore, a kindness is not over, a word owe a lifetime.Life can owe anything, but can not owe love, love debt is not over.Always feel that there is no original love, can not support to permanent.Therefore, we can only meet in a dream.Sometimes, speaking of that meet, as love to dream to me, tell me that I should be alienated from love?Actually, no.Therefore, love will let you understand that the furthest distance between people, not you and the shadow of the separation, but the original love let you always remember: separated from the end of the world since the warm, only miss in the heart.Original love, has always been the fate of gratitude, providence into, destined to repay.The love of this life, may be the previous life owe wish, but in order to end the friendship, meet a sincere.If you say, the original love let you learn what?It must learn to pay, it is a kind of can not help, is also a kind of affection.If, the original love let you know what?That must be even if time flies, still unchanged, whether the heart toward the warm sun, or the bottom of my heart into the rock, always in the deep darkness to give company.Accompany your life, dazzling light, accompany your life, embarrassed when the depression, accompany your life, when you may forget yourself, also will accompany your life, lonely when repentance.In fact, the original love does not owe you anything, but love is born to love, love is like his heart.Original love, never want to have any return, but this kindness, but you will never be clear.If, what did the original love let you know?That must learn the way of life, sometimes learn to see from care, sometimes learn to love will pave the way for you.In our life, we always put a word love too much, but ignore their own existence, will feel that they can take everything for granted.Therefore, the original love only a sincere heart will interpret: love you, is this reason.Native love, in life never neglect everyone, nor even if there is no love, will feel native love, accompany you for the first half of life, and the second half of life can only rely on their own.Life is a road without turning back, some people accompany you, some people trust you, some people love you, some people do not love, maybe it is ok, but the important relationship is to know how to love yourself.The journey of one’s life is always accompanied by one’s own company: peace of mind, satisfaction, waiting, and relative despair and disappointment.I also want to the original love, telling a love of the years.How many past events, as if still around, how many old dreams, emerge in front of the eyes.Perhaps only in the quiet night, listening to lotus’s mind.You forget who will forget: original love;Whenever miss the original love of the name, just know what is tearful.Is not to the end of life is the end, also always for those who once sigh, in my mind less what will not be less, the shadow of original love.If time, always for now and stay;And the past has already become a foregone conclusion, only one kind of hope in the heart, and only oneself understand, fate is also a kind of debt.Indebted, you also not clear, also not over.So the only thing we have to do is live in the present.And the meaning of living in the present, so when, at the moment also want to work hard;This life, this scene should also have good;Learn to be your own master.Original love, let your life have too much, get too much you want.But you pay is limited, but wandering around a lot.If time can look back, waiting has become the expectation, life is not so much don’t want to get the outcome.Want to say: love me again, can…Author: Dongdong Little Lion