Xu Nanji presided over the 12th meeting of the municipal Committee of deep reform

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On February 17, Xu Nanji, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the 12th meeting of the Municipal Committee of deep Reform.He stressed that the reform of the whole city will continue to use good “key one,” the spirit of the “rush” forever, “and” strength, “dry” style of work, set out again, will further firm reform of reform and opening up to the confidence and determination, grasping the deployment to promote the key reform tasks, to reform the new bear as a new look to meet the party’s great victory at 20.City leaders Zhang Zijian, Huang Jinlong, Wang Yaqing, Xiao Guojun, CAI Jiang, Huang Zhong attended the meeting.Heo pointed out that the government should improve its position for reform.We need to make sure that the targets and tables are well balanced and that we have a thorough understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discourse on comprehensively deepening reform. We need to strengthen the focus of reform, stimulate the impetus for reform, promote the spirit of reform, pay attention to the method of reform, and effectively use it to arm our minds, guide our practice, and promote our work.We must grasp the overall trend, fully grasp the major strategic issues of The Times, accurately grasp the direction and main task of reform, keenly grasp the new situation, new tasks, and new requirements of economic and social development, and act in response to the trend.We should base ourselves on the overall situation, focus on the overall situation of the city’s development, focus on the key points, find the driving force, do a good job of reform task deployment, and truly achieve deep integration and efficient linkage between reform and development.Local governments should prioritize their reform initiatives and speed up efforts to build reform brands with local characteristics.Xu Nanji stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the grasp and attack.We need to make reform more effective. We need to step up efforts to implement the reform measures that have been formulated and introduced. We need to make careful plans and detailed operations, and present timetables and construction plans to ensure tangible results.To improve the reform of the forward-looking, docking the central and provincial reform measures, to learn from brother cities good practice, strengthen the investigation and study, clarify ideas and work focus, in double “number one project”, the three pilot “state”, provincial party congress report three positioning of yingtan actively planning, innovative ideas, do one thing really into one.We need to raise our awareness of reform, integrate our thinking and action into the reform plans of the Central, provincial and municipal committees, further emancipate our minds, carefully sort out reform matters, and strive to make new breakthroughs in all reforms with the courage and perseverance to make bold, good, first and real reforms.Xu Nanji stressed that efforts should be made to promote implementation.The Municipal Committee of Deep Reform should take the lead in the overall work, comprehensively consolidate the main responsibility of reform, and earnestly do a good job in the deployment of important reform, the control of major programs, the coordination of key links and the supervision of implementation.Special groups should strengthen overall planning, coordination, guidance and supervision, coordinate and solve problems in a timely manner, and ensure smooth progress and effective implementation of reform.All government departments at all levels need to strengthen their awareness of excellence and excellence, set standards for reform plans at higher levels, explore more original and differentiated reform measures, pay close attention to the implementation of reform tasks, and effectively tackle the “last mile” of reform implementation.We should strengthen the summary and promotion of reform experience, create more reform brands, strengthen the publicity and interpretation of reform measures, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of broad participation in and support for reform across the city.The meeting conveyed and learned the spirit of the 22nd and 23rd meetings of the Central Committee and the 18th and 19th meetings of the Provincial Committee.Deliberated the Action Plan for Comprehensively Deepening Reform of Yingtan City (2022-2024);They listened to the report of the National Pilot Zone for Integrated Urban and Rural Development and the 2003 Special pilot demonstration construction in Zhuhai.Three reform documents such as “Yingtan Digital Economy Cultivation Action Plan” were reviewed.Source: Yingtan Daily reporter Zhang Flag