Police cart tired, quilt has become a “savior”!Practice “Three energies” to protect the Spring Festival travel rush

2022-07-27 0 By

On returning home, by a team of lishui high-speed traffic police in G1513 WenLi high-speed large liangshan tunnel long uphill road found a car crash, the car was badly damaged after unable to leave, and behind the accident has suspended nearly a kilometer, rescue them hard to arrive, police decided together with the car workers push the vehicle to the nearest tunnel square waiting for rescue.Four people pushed five, six hundred meters after exhaustion, the police suddenly found that there is a quilt in the car, with the consent of the owner, the quilt on the rear of the accident car, with the police car against the accident car forward, complete “fast obstacle clearance”.Contribution │ three brigade editor │ Small audit zheng Sir