Lianshan district to recruit volunteers for epidemic prevention!

2022-07-27 0 By

# # # # huludao outbreak to earnestly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, firmly control the spread of disease, protect people’s life safety and body health, boost the epidemic prevention and control of the overall work, TuanOuWei now for the social youth volunteers, college students recruited a batch of reserves, as a volunteer reserve lianshan epidemic prevention and control,We hope that young people who are willing to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work can join us and contribute their youth strength to the epidemic prevention and control work in the whole region!Recruitment target and requirements: 1. Ideological and political firm, with dedication;2. Young people over 18 years of age who have received three doses of vaccine;3. In good health, he/she and his/her family members have not been to medium-high risk areas within 14 days, and have no fever, cough, chest distress and other symptoms within the past one month. He/she has the green health code and nucleic acid report within 48 hours, and has no history of close contact;4. Strong organizational discipline, strong sense of responsibility and interpersonal communication skills, enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, hard-working, willing to contribute, able to participate in voluntary service activities orderly according to the organization arrangement;5. Those who have acquired accurate knowledge about personal protection should register and participate voluntarily, with the consent of their family members.6. Do not participate in other voluntary organizations, uniformly accept the command, do not act without authorization, always take protective measures.Service content: Volunteer epidemic prevention and control services, such as nucleic acid testing, screening and registration, temperature monitoring and order maintenance, in cooperation with relevant departments.Time and place: The specific service time and position will be arranged and notified by the Youth League District Committee according to the relevant requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control department.Precautions: 1. Provide masks, protective clothing and other protective equipment for volunteers during the service period;2. This volunteer service is free and voluntary, and each volunteer will be issued a certificate of volunteer service;3. After registration, please rest at home and be ready at any time. Keep your mobile phone unblocked and reduce going out.After receiving a notice to follow the arrangement, scientific action.Registration time and method from now until the end of the epidemic, the recruitment of volunteers is divided into college students reserve volunteers and social youth reserve volunteers.Contact: League District Committee Office: 0429-2124039 (source: Lianshan District Committee of the Communist Youth League)