How did Detective add ive

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Prefix de- drop + root – cover + suffix ive noun end.1. Is located in the root of the front part of the word is the prefix, affix is added in front of the word or words from some fixed organization, have a fixed meaning, but can’t separate into a word, the UN is also a prefix, form of UN + word, is no affix, such as unknown, unlock, I don’t know the prefix + re, but re itself can be a prefix, the sense of the repeat.Before 2. Add a suffix is a kind of word formation, may cause the change of part of speech, or the change of the meaning, the prefix “UN – and the in – have said negative meaning, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish when to use the UN – and when to use the in – and if the suffix is a word of English suffix, usually with UN – and if a suffix is a Latin word suffix, usually with the in -.3. Adding prefixes and suffixes is a form of word formation. It can change the part of speech/meaning of the original word.An English word can be divided into three parts: prefix, stem and suffix. The part before the root of a word is the prefix, which can change the meaning of the word.