Hangzhou, Zhejiang: as of 3 PM on 28, a total of 9218 people were transferred in Binjiang district

2022-07-27 0 By

Hangzhou held the 43rd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control at 16:00 today (January 28), introducing the latest situation of COVID-19 prevention and control and answering questions from journalists.A large number of people have been transferred and quarantined in Binjiang District of Hangzhou.In this regard, the relevant official of binjiang District government said that confirmed cases were found in The Yangtze Community and Changjiangyuan in the original prevention and control area on the evening of January 26, and the COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters of Binjiang District issued a notice to adjust the Yangtze Community and Yangtze Xiyuan to the closed control area.In view of the high infectivity of Omikjon, the relatively large number of confirmed cases, close contacts and sub-close contacts in The Yangtze Community and The Yangtze Xiyuan, and the complex business of shops and residences, it was decided to transfer the personnel from the Yangtze Community and the Yangtze Xiyuan to the centralized quarantine point.There are 95 residential buildings, 2662 households and 9322 people in the area.As of 3 PM today (January 28), 336 trains have been transferred and 9,218 people have been safely transferred.(Reporter Li Xinman, Fei Fan, Ma Xun, Chen Yanqing) Source: CCTV news client