The fusion reactor host key system comprehensive research facility park was put into operation

2022-07-26 0 By

Recently, the reporter learned from the Hefei Institute of Physical Science of The Chinese Academy of Sciences that the reactor host key system comprehensive research facility park has been officially delivered and put into operation in Hefei, Anhui Province.The Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Reactor Host Key System (CRAFT) is the first major national science and technology infrastructure project since Hefei was approved as a comprehensive national science center, which is divided into main project and park project.Among them, the park’s delivery and commissioning is the basis of the main project construction and operation.It is understood that the main project of CRAFT has started construction on September 20, 2019.Future, CRAFT fully completed, but for our country fusion reactor core component provides the core technology research and development and construction, for fusion reactor under the conditions of heat and particles out key problems in research, large scale cryogenic and superconducting technology research, strong flow based the study of plasma such as cross beams and frontier research platform and technical support.Source: Guangming Daily reporter: Ma Rongrui Changhe